Thursday, March 16, 2017

After The Snow

We are clearing out from a record snowstorm in the Binghamton area of upstate New York - officially, 31.8 inches (80.7 cm) of snow dumped out just a few days before the beginning of spring.

Yesterday afternoon, gusty winds were blowing the snow my spouse and others labored so hard to plow back onto the streets and sidewalks.  The Governor of New York came to our area, and National Guard troops were dispatched to help medical personnel get to work and to help with other issues so crews could start the cleanup.

Here are some highlights, for my readers who live in climates with little or no snow.

A bush, and garage roof, with about 22 inches (almost 56 cm) of snow at that point in time.
Me, standing in that same 22 inches.   No one was going anywhere-we were under a state of emergency.
Perhaps it should have been put in the garage.
Our rhododendron.

Near sunrise yesterday morning, it looked like a winter wonderland.

We got more snow yesterday than we got all of last year (which was a record year for least snowfall, strangely.)  Another storm, and we may exceed our snowiest winter on record.

But we won't win the Golden Snowball award, alas (a yearly friendly competition between five cities for the most snowfall).

Let's hope this is winter's last hurrah.  But it doesn't look like it.


  1. I feel your pain. Been there, done that many years ago. Somewhere around here is a photo of me standing in front of our garage with snow up to my waist. Thankfully my husband was here and not away on business so that he could shovel out a passageway. Take care.

  2. Central PA was hammered with a lot of snow too. We got around 17 inches. Schools were closed Tuesday & Wednesday and I just got a call for a 2 hour delay today. Which is good, because I have to get back to work! We enjoyed Tuesday, but we're over it now. Bring on spring!

  3. Here in Vermont we got 30" and whew... it's so much work. At 60, I'm feeling pretty badass right now though. Hubby is recovering from surgery so the shoveling and wood carrying has been all mine to do. And I'm doing it!

  4. And, your snowfall was what they expected on the 95 corridor- until that storm coming from the South pushed it just a little further west...

  5. Looks like you got hit with the bullet we dodged.

  6. Looks like you made the most of the most.

  7. We didn't get near as much but I did take some great pictures to remember on those 90 degree days heading our way in a few short months.

  8. Jeepers. I think that is possibly more snow than I have ever seen. What happens when it all melts?

  9. A little snow is a fine thing, but state-of-emergency snow is for tougher creatures than I am! Brrr! Love that beautiful sunset "apology" though.


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