Monday, March 6, 2017

Music Monday - Loneliness

Loneliness is a part of life.  We are all social creatures, and need social contact.  For some of us, getting that contact is easy.

For others, not so much.

The human feeling of loneliness is reflected in many of our songs.

One Is the Loneliest Number - Three Dog Night.  This was their first gold record.

The loneliness of a soldier serving far from home is the subject of 1962's Mr. Lonely - Bobby Vinton.  It was re released as a single in 1973, towards the end of the Vietnam War.
From 1972, a man jilted at the altar.
Alone Again - Gilbert O'Sullivan.

And finally, my favorite song about loneliness - The Beatles' Eleanor Rigby.

Not only do we seem to be more isolated than ever, in the midst of social media, but we are increasingly divided in our country by politics. We seem to be more connected than ever, but also more separated than ever.

Why don't we combat that today, even in a small way.


  1. Great song choices, and a great message as well.

  2. I fondly remember all these songs. It even reminded me that I had 8 tracks in my car.

  3. I remember a friend who was going through a divorce telling me that she would rather be lonely by herself than lonely with someone who didn't care. I try to avoid anyone who might want to tell me how great their president is. So, I stay alone or with folks who feel as I do.

  4. It's interesting that loneliness isn't really a recent thing - it obviously was sung about for at least 50 years judging from these examples Alana - but definitely something we all face more if we let social media take over from real life.

  5. I agree, a smile, a door held open is a small gesture toward less lonely. I have used to describe a person, as she is like Elenor Rigby, and if you know the Beatles you know what I mean.

  6. Alana, I would like to see us pull together as a country again...but I don't know how that can happen right now...we are so hearts my heart. But we can each of us do small things to try and find some good in the world..and spread it everywhere we go...our blogs can do that in a small way..I have followers that tell me I help them get through their we just keep doing what we can...

  7. A nice set of songs and a very good idea. I had such a good weekend doing real-life things with real life people. Quilters! Boaters! Librarians! Musicians! Great stuff.

  8. There was just a story on the news about how social media makes people more isolated.

  9. This is a wonderful list...sad or not

  10. I love that song, "Eleanor Rigby." So sad and so beautiful. It is sad to think of all of the lonely people. I was one of them until I discovered art and music and realized that I could fill up the lonely hours with creativity.
    Great song choices.

  11. I haven't listened to these songs..loneliness is a driving force in art... that's quite true...
    all great work comes from a place of pain..

  12. Alana, did you get my comment?


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