Monday, May 15, 2017

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 2017

Every 15th of the month,  I blog about what is blooming in my upstate New York (zone 5b) garden.

This month marks the end of my sixth year of participating monthly in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  I hope you will join us, too.

Until the last week, I thought that spring was going to zoom by so quickly that I would have nothing to post.  No tulips, no daffodils, no grape hyacinths, no cherry blossoms.  I even thought that our lilacs (normally barely starting to bloom now) would be gone.  Everything, due to a mild winter, had sped up.  But then, spring paused.

Our weather has been unseasonably cool.  Cool, and rainy.  Yesterday, we got marble sized hail.

In between the rain and thunderstorms, I took some pictures.  I decided to put some of the flower pictures into a collage, including flowers from a couple of my hanging baskets.  It's only the second collage I've ever made, and I hope you enjoy it.

Here are some other flowers in bloom today, starting with columbine.
Lilacs (one of three bushes I have).  Another bush is in the collage above.

A basket of pansies I made up last month has turned out so lovely.

My son's Mother's Day gift basket - shocking pink geraniums.  This will look so wonderful in my front yard.
Night sky petunia (I hope that isn't a supernova over on the right).
My pink bleeding heart, a little drowned out.

And finally, my silver frost brunneria, which is threatening to take over my back yard.

Now that you've seen my yard, please visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens and see what is blooming all over the world.


  1. Beautiful blooms!
    I love geraniums, they remind me of my mother
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  2. Silver frost brunneria is new to me. I also like Brunneria Mr Morse which has white flowers and variegated foliage

  3. Beware the ides of March; Celebrate the ides of May?

  4. I have red bleeding hearts .I love the blooms in your garden.The Geraniums are gorgeous .I think mothers day gift for you was bang on.My daughter gave me plants too!

  5. Beautiful flowers, beautiful favorite is the Bleeding Hearts.

  6. Oh these are so pretty..I love flowers. They make me happy and good to see your garden collection. :)

  7. Beautiful! I call Brunneria Broom Hilda because it is rather aggressive! We are late this year in the vegetable garden because of the cool damp weather. This week the sun and warmth returns so the rest of the garden will go in or so I hope!

  8. Oh, wow! You do have some wonderful blooms there. I particularly like that petunia and your shocking pink geranium. And, of course, I'm very envious of your lovely lilac. Can't grow those here - we have to settle for crape myrtles. Happy Bloom Day.

  9. So truly beautiful - I LOVE when everything starts to bloom. I'm jealous of the glorious by you.

  10. I always love looking at your blossoms Alana - they are a pretty highlight in my blogging viewing :)

  11. Your weather sounds like ours. We've got a cold snap, too (although not what anyone who actually has a winter would call cold). Pretty flowers.

  12. Beautiful flowers you have, Bookworm! But, I love their names more! Such beautiful, sweet sounding names! :)


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