Friday, May 5, 2017

Over the Rainbow #SkywatchFriday

Tuesday, the phone rang.  While spouse spoke to his cousin, I noticed an unusual glow outside.  I ran outside, in my bare feet.

The evening before, we had a fierce thunderstorm and a possible microburst where I live in upstate New York.  Thousands were left without power, and hundreds of trees came down.  We were under a state of emergency for the next two days, with roads blocked and many people left without power or water.

In the east, this is what greeted me.

I started to move to my right, to capture more of the rainbow.
Then, I looked behind me.

This is what I saw.

A couple of minutes, and a few feet forward, this was the view.

I only captured a fraction of what I saw that magical May 2.

Please join other bloggers at Skywatch Friday and check out the skies all over the world.


  1. Wires and trees in silhouette, just like my shot today.

  2. You captured a triumphant ending to a stormy few days. It's official here. Our storm of Monday was a tornado.

  3. I always love rainbows. Glad you saw- and photographed your beauty.

  4. Oooh. After the storm, the sun comes out...

  5. You find something beautiful to appreciate in each and every day.


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