Friday, June 9, 2017

Bingo Blue Skies #SkywatchFriday

Binghamton, New York, has the nickname of "Bingo" (among other nicknames).

Wednesday, on a recently rare sunny, blue skied day, I  took these pictures in downtown Binghamton, to show both the sky and some of our local downtown buildings.

A silhouette of the Broome County Courthouse, built in 1897.
A noontime picture of a historic church, the United Presbyterian Church on Chenango Street (if you saw my Thursday Tree Love post, the Korean Dogwood is in this church's courtyard).

Finally, from the church courtyard, a picture along Chenango Street.  The tall building in the center of the photo is the historic Press building, once where our daily newspaper was produced, and now student housing called The Printing House. Also on this block is the historic Stone Opera House, which, alas, may never be restored.

Join other bloggers at #SkywatchFriday, where bloggers join every Friday to see the wonderful skies around us.


  1. I was looking forward to the explanation why it's bingo. (I've more often seen different approbations.)

  2. Your town is called Bingo? That's so cool!

  3. Beautiful Bingo blue sky indeed. Superb pictures Alana .I am in love with your beautiful pictures .

  4. Love these sky watch pictures. And I never knew Binghamton had the nickname Bingo.

  5. I do love your very blue and beautiful skies and appreciate the back story on some of the buildings.

    Kudos to you for carrying for your brother. We have a 19 year old son with Aspergers and the jury is still out on whether he will ever be able to live independently or not.

  6. I love cloud pictures. What a great idea Skywatch Friday is! I think I will visit other bloggers participating in this. Who knows, maybe I'll join. Great pics...keep up the good work!

  7. What beautiful pictures. I agree that I love skywatch Friday and, one of these days, maybe I too will join.


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