Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Summer Memories - Symphony in Yellow

For 11 months of the year I live with the memories of my lilies.

Then, in one glorious month's worth of time, they bloom.

The show is just beginning.  From my yard to yours, the first movement of a symphony.

First, these lilies come out.  I don't know exactly what type they are, but I suspect they are Asiatic lilies.   (I am famous for losing track of what I plant, and sometimes I buy plants on clearance that aren't labeled, and are inexpensive as a result.)

Then, as these bloom, my day lilies start to come out.
Each daylily flower lasts - yes, just one day.  This flower is just opening.

Fully open.

This lily, opening up, looks like a triangle.

Are they angry at each other?  No.

Lily season in upstate New York.  Soon, other colors will come along.  Come back next week for more.


  1. Hey stopping by because you commented on my MMMM post (Ghost!) I love your post about the lilies. I have family who live in Western NY (Salamanca, Killbuck, Great Valley) and have only been in spring once. We usually go in October but it has been a long time.

    1. We are east of western New York (if that makes any sense). If you do ever visit, you may consider visiting in summer. No fall foliage, but so much good food and cheese!

  2. A different kind of lily, but I do enjoy the aquatic pond in DC...

  3. Oh the blooms, they look so beautiful :D I miss this pretty sight these days.
    And that last caption... hehehe they do look angry at each other.

  4. The golden tones of the first movement of your lily symphony are glorious!

  5. Beautiful pictures as always. I'm surprised that your Day Lillies last only a day, mine last much longer.

  6. Ohhh! Absolutely beautiful! I LOVE lilies! So cheerful and graceful and perfect! Thank you for sharing yours . . .

  7. These are so beautiful! The day Lilly lasts just a day? Didn't know that, but what a beautiful reminder of how ephemeral life is, no?


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