Monday, July 31, 2017

Music Moves Me - Songs Beginning with A

A my name is AM and I live in....

Well, that's as far as I can go with the old childhood ball-playing rhyme I learned on the streets of the 1950's Bronx.  So I am going to start off today's theme on Music Moves Me, "songs beginning with the first letter of your name", with a song by Dion (born Dion DiMucci), who started his singing career on the streets of the Bronx.

Abraham, Martin and John is a song that can still make me emotional after all these years.  On a side note, Dion decided not to get on a certain airplane flight on February 3, 1959 - the flight that crashed and ended the lives of three other rock greats - Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and The Big Bopper. Instead, Dion now is still active in music, in addition to participating in prison ministry as a devout Roman Catholic.

Angie, by the Rolling Stones, is my next selection.  If you don't like their rock/blues output, you will love this slow song.  When I hear this song, I am transported back to 1973, when I was going to college, and was working a summer job in downtown Manhattan, not far from the soon-to-be-completed World Trade Center.

Another group I love is Boston.  Such a shame that they never had much musical output - just six studio albums, according to my research.  One of my favorites (possibly because I know someone named Amanda) is their song "Amanda".   The album, Third Stage, was the last album I purchased new as an actual record album.  1986....

But so much for mellow.  Let's get a little dancing going.

All Night Long by Lionel Richie

All The Things She Said, by the Scottish group Simple Minds.

If you don't have around 15 minutes to spare, you can skip this next one - not totally a singing song but more of a storytelling.  Arlo Guthrie and Alice's Restaurant.

And one more.  In honor of my recent visit to Animal Adventure Park (home of April, the Giraffe - gee, two more "A"'s) - Africa, by Toto.

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Let's rock!


  1. Alana,

    It’s great seeing you on the dance floor with the 4M crew today. I’m digging your mewsic selections to start this new week off. "Angie" might be one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs. Have you noticed how much "Amanada" sounds like Elton John's "Someone Saved My Life"? Maybe it's just me but I hear a strong resemblance.

    Let me scat for now but I hope you join me with Calling Out Your Name Cathy Can We Dance. There’s an issue with my host server, so if you’re not able to access my site can then it may take 24-48 hrs. Would you be a love and let me know via email if you experience a problem. Have a rockin’ good week! Geez, I can’t believe it’s the last Monday in July!

  2. These songs elicit tremendous memories in my psyche. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
    Oh, despite the pundits and pageantry, WTC1 was complete in 1970, and WTC2 had its tenants move in 1972. So, the Port Authority could continue to rape the metropolitan NY area with tolls on its bridges.

  3. What a great variety of songs and I can't wait to check them all out as there was several I hadn't heard of and I also will be checking out the Host and this new event your in. I also was in the Ultimate Blog Challenge and will miss it. But I am ready for new challenges. Have a Blessed day.

  4. Super wonderful songs. I haven't heard Africa in a long time. Love it. Thanks for the dance.

  5. I agree the Dion song is sad and endearing. Great selection today with the letter A!

  6. Fun songs today! I have really enjoyed seeing what everyone has come up with. It's been a wonderful morning of song and music.


  7. Today is the last day to put your entries in for our giveaway! There will be three winners and three prizes to pick from for the first winner, then two and then whatever is left. GOOD LUCK & THANK YOU for playing Monday’s Music Moves Me. Today’s theme is to pick a song that begins with the first letter of your name! HAVE A ROCKIN’ WEEK MY FRIEND! BIG HUGS & Wow "A" got some heavy tunes huh? You really got some awesome ones here that I haven't heard in like forever... my favorite one has to be "Alice's Restaurant" hahaha It's just a catchy tune!!! hugs

  8. Alana! GREAT song selections today! I like all of these songs...and love some of them too (Africa, Angie).
    I'm so jealous that you got to see April the giraffe! I didn't see the birth but checked in several times afterward and really enjoyed seeing her love on her baby. That was so cool that she garnered so much attention and love from people the world over. The last time I checked, the video cam wasn't on and I was disappointed. So did you get to spend time with her? I love giraffes!

    Really Awesome with an A, your post today!
    Have a good week Alana.

    Michele at Angels Bark

  9. Great tunes,thanks for being part of the 4 M crew!!

  10. Ah, "Africa"... Love that song. Takes me back to my childhood...

  11. YOu have some of my very favorites here.
    Thanks for sharing.


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