Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Summer Small Urban Garden

It's a bit amazing that, given that my name on Twitter is RamblinGarden, that I don't talk about my front and back yard garden that much.

I do talk about my flowers from time to time.  But what about veggies?

I don't have much room in the sunnier parts of my yard, so my spouse does a little gardening in our front yard and some container gardening, too.

But don't we want to have our front yards reserved for grass, or flowers?  Not necessarily.  Today, I'd like to give you a little peak into my front yard garden in upstate New York.

How about a little basil? Or, to be exact, basil and a bee?
We grow Italian parsley in a pot.

We have other herbs, too many for this post.  One we like to grow, which is not hardy here, is pineapple sage.  We don't use it much - we grow it more for beauty.

We have peppers both in pots....

...and in the ground.

This is an ornamental pepper, which will product a very hot, small purple pepper.

Not everything is successful.  Our cucumber plants (grown in large pots in the front) have succumbed to a blight.  This is about all that is left - one piece of stem, a couple of leaves and a flower.

But our ginger in a pot (something else that can't overwinter here), which failed last year, is growing this year.

Do you have limited space, or no yard, and still garden?  I'd love to hear from you.


  1. I have never grown ginger but I would like to give it a try! We have turned our backyard to mainly raised bed vegetable gardens. We have a plot up from too. This year it is corn and tomatillos. Last year it was tomatoes and squash. We love it. I have the room but the success is often the whims of the garden Goddess. We have not picked a green bean yet. Go figure!

  2. I have basil and thyme in a pot. At least the critters do not eat them.

  3. I've gotten rid of most of the old landscaping in the house I bought last year. It was overgrown and hadn't been tended in decades, and then I got puppies... They dig and eat everything, so I'm not sure what the next step is with my yard, but until the dogs mature, I won't be planting deliberately edible items.

  4. All my gardening involved hydroponics.
    Because they mature quicker and because I don't have to toil outside in the hot, muggy weather.

  5. Gotta make use of what land you have, so I can see vegetables in the front yard. Depends on how it's done I would think.

  6. I only grow flowers right now. But I do enjoy growing vegetables, especially heritage tomatoes. Enjoy!


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