Monday, August 21, 2017

Music Moves Me - Eclipse Songs

This Monday, what is moving me is the upcoming Great American Eclipse happening later today.

Will you be in its path?

What I won't be doing this afternoon is listening to music.  But, just in case seeing the eclipse fails me, I've put together a small playlist of eclipse type music - music with "Eclipse" in the title, or in the lyrics.  This week, for "Music Moves Me", our theme is a FREEBIE.  Anything goes!
This is the song Eclipse from the 1973 album by Pink Floyd "The Dark Side of the Moon". This album was on a "top 200 best selling album" chart for 736 consecutive weeks.  Yes, from March 17, 1973 through July of 1988.  And that wasn't all, as the album picked itself up (so to speak) and then appeared back on the charts for another, much shorter run.

There is not a song on this album that I don't love.

You're So Vain - Carly Simon (in concert) talks about the March, 1970 total solar eclipse - the first of two total eclipses of the sun I've been fortunate enough to witness.

Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart, from 1983 (a song many incorrectly know as "Bright Eyes").

There's a dance version on You Tube I can enjoy, although I must warn you that there are flashing colors in this video.

Speaking of a Total Eclipse of the Heart, Warby Parker has created this parody just in time for today's eclipse.

Finally, speaking of Bright Eyes, be sure to wear proper protection if you are watching the eclipse today.

Come join this blog hop -it's almost as much fun as an eclipse!

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  1. I wondered if there were any songs with eclipse in them, so thanks for this.

  2. Love your choices here. I think you found most of the "eclipse" songs.

  3. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Love all of these performers, especially Carly.

  4. Stopping what I was doing and watching the eclipse (even if it was on TV) was such a nice distraction and way to create harmony. Nice song choices.

  5. what fun. I just came back from the rooftop party at my apartment building where a friend passed around her eclipse glasses so we could all see the phenomenon. [we were 81% here]. very special. landlord served sun chips, moon pies and eclipse gum. now i'll settle down with your play list. feel very astronomical. thanks for sharing

  6. Great choices. It was awesome, truly. What surprised me most is the temperature drop. Also I have been hungry all afternoon!

  7. Clever post, and a different way of looking at the eclipse! Well done. A Golden Wedding

  8. Alana,

    We had the privilege of seeing the eclipse yesterday. It was an amazing experience. The last time either DH or I saw an eclipse which I think was only a partial one was when we were small but after looking this up on Wikipedia I noticed the 80s recorded a couple of total eclipses. I think in our area it we were not in totality or else I think I'd remember that but then again I have trouble with details happening 30+ years ago. lol Anywho, I loved your theme for today! Funtastic mewsic for an awesome occasion. It's great to share the dance floor with you, my friend - you rock!


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