Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tom Petty

The news came in the midst of the tragedy unfolding in Las Vegas.

According to news reports, he was dead.  Then he wasn't.  He was on life support.  He was off life support.  It was already a tragic day beyond comprehension for many in the United States, but the music world braced itself for one more death.

This morning, I woke up, and it was official.

Musician Tom Petty had danced his last dance.  He had reached the end of the line.

I put together a quick tribute (no playlist this morning) of some of my favorite songs, both with the Heartbreakers and the Traveling Wilburys.  Note to some of my readers, his videos can get a bit - strange.

Free Fallin'

Mary Jane's Last Dance

Don't Come Around Here No More

With the Traveling Wilburys - End of the Line.

Day 3 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge #blogboost


  1. The irony of the lyric "the waiting is the hardest part".

  2. Another legend has moved on. His music will last forever, he touched millions of people.

  3. I had a sister-in-law who infected her whole family with Petty-dom. And, while he was among those to whom I listened, I would never travel the US to catch his shows. I guess her wanderlust is now assuaged...
    Too bad. He was a talent- and youngish.

  4. Wonderful tribute. My favorite is American Girl. Even my teenage kids love that song!

  5. It was such a mixed day with the news... I was confused... Even when I heard the first report I was deeply saddened to hear the news. And when they announced he was still alive, I figured his quality of life was not the same.

  6. I will miss Tom Petty as he was part of my youth and someones music I had been sharing with my son this past week. As for the tragedy in Las Vegas it is horrendous.

  7. What a shame. He was a fine musician and songwriter.

    Sad that his death turned into a three-ring circus. He deserved better than that.

  8. Yeah, that was a weird announcement. I saw it somewhere, almost commented that it wasn't true, and then saw that it was. Such a sad day.

  9. "Hey! Don't come around here no more..." Liked a lot of his music. It feels like he dies too young. Thanks for honoring him! ~Jeanine

  10. I know of Tom Petty but not really his music much. Enjoyed End of the Line.


  11. Such a tough day, first the devastating tragedy in Vegas, then the back and forth on Tom Petty, it was like ripping a band aid off, putting it back on, ripping it off . . . In the end, we did lose him. Such a tough day.

  12. I haven't heard his music, but the loss of any life in such a slaughter is tragic. I feel for his family, friends, and fans.

  13. He will play all his beautiful music in heaven with all the others. RIP Tom.

  14. Hi Alana,
    So glad you honored him!
    I loved Free Falling and it's All Right.
    Heavy day, for sure, for both the US and the music world.

  15. Seeing this late, but enjoyed the post. I'm a huge TP fan and his death hit me hard. Thanks for this tribute.


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