Thursday, January 18, 2018

Just Another Word?

I come from a generation where uttering a certain four letter word beginning with "f" and ending with "k" would earn you instant punishment from your parents, if you were a youngster.

This scene from one of my favorite Christmas movies, A Christmas Story, had a lot of truth in it.

If you were older, you knew better than to say that word in front of your parents, although you might use it a lot among your friends.

Now, it's everywhere  Is it just me, or do you feel sad to see the word formerly known as the "F" word demoted to just ordinary usage?

Recently, I was in a gift shop, and saw a display of socks.  I like unusual socks, but these were too unusual for me.  Each had a quote using the "F" word. 

Not only that, but that word is the newest word in the cookbook vocabulary.

Take, for example, the best seller "Thug Kitchen".  "Eat like you give a "f----!" the cover boasts.

Or, better yet, "What the F---Should I Make for Dinner?"  (I kid you not).

We need words for occasions like that, I believe - forbidden words that help us deal with pain or frustration.

It makes me wonder what word future generations will use when they hit their finger with a hammer.  Or get a flat tire (see video above)?  The "F" word is less and less taboo each day.  One day, it will totally lose its power.

Perhaps, as part of a sustainable lifestyle, we should be thinking more about gratitude, especially on a day like today.  Protests are occuring all over the country, and our minds turn to the future.

So maybe we need a light topic on today, which is turning out for many to be anything but light.

Any idea what word will take the place of the "F" word on the day it becomes just another word?


  1. I knew we were on the decline as a civilization when “the seven dirty words you can’t say on television” were reduced to six.

  2. Imagine my surprise when playing scrabble against a computer when it proudly (OK, it's a damned machine, but you get it) plunked down the four letters to spell F-u-c-*. Like that's a legal choice????

    1. In tournament play (no, I can't even play elementary Scrabble but I met someone once who has been in Scrabble tournaments and all the "four letter words" are banned, with some other interesting ones) not allowed! Hmm....

  3. I just saw a recipe on Pinterest for chicken you can't f--- up.

  4. Its still my favorite swear word and I'm sad it seems to be losing its edge. I can't imagine another to take its place, such a classic.

  5. Given how often I'm hearing it all over the place, I'm guessing the new rarely used swear word will not be sh*thole.

  6. What ever happened to soap mouth wash? Hard to explain the inappropriate use of swear/slur words when those in high places spew them on a daily basis. Loved the comment on 7 dirty words now reduced to 6. Perfect!

  7. Ah yes, the f-bomb. I try to explain to kiddos that it's not appropriate, but they don't care. Everyone is n***. That's another one that just gets tossed around.

  8. Well, in my home town, using the F word *or* the S word in public can get you arrested as Drunk & Disorderly. (One reason why people from the city don't visit here: some of them wouldn't be able to talk...) I approve, and keep lobbying, quietly and patiently, for at least "h*n*y" and preferably other bogus endearments (which always show hostility) to be added to the list.


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