Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sustainable Saturday-Macarons Microgreens and Mushrooms

The farmers market in Binghamton, New York, February 17.

Macarons.  I am not a skilled baker and I would never attempt these.  These are the best ones I've ever had and someone is in for a treat tomorrow (if I remember to bring them!)

Here's a cake the same bakery baked.

Of course, a farmers market has to have produce.

We have a local mushroom grower, and his mushrooms are fantastic.

Microgreens, grown at a local business incubator in downtown Binghamton, New York.

Because of various situations, we've not been to the farmers market since New Years Eve (when we discovered they were closed).  We missed them.

Does your area have a winter market (assuming it is winter where you live?)


  1. We do have a year round market near me, but I have never gone in the winter. I used to go to the market in Detroit when I worked down there.

  2. The baked goods look scrumptious. I love macarons and I'm not sure but it looks like yellow cake or carrot cake with coconut frosting. Another yummy delight.

  3. I wish we had a local mushroom grower. I use so many in our dishes. My husband and I both love them.

  4. The farmers market I sometimes sell my knitting at is open year-round. Was open today. I haven't been since December, though. But they're expanding, so all sorts of goodies there now. (And while it technically is winter here, you wouldn't call what we have winter.)


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