Sunday, March 11, 2018

Mid March Farmers Market

Winter farmer's market, Binghamton, New York, March 10.

You can still find some late fall crops from last year - apples, garlic, parsnips, carrots, and potatoes.

But joining them are items like local honey, meats, and dairy products.

And, in the past year, one vendor has started to sell mushrooms.  These are a most delicious addition to mushroom lovers like me and my spouse - so fresh, and so good.

This reminds us that we are negligent in doing our seed inventory, and preparing for the gardening season ahead.  We are downsizing - only getting one community garden plot instead of two. 

Yes, a local farmers market can remind us of our own garden, slumbering under a blanket of snow.

We've ordered our onions (will probably get our seeds locally this year) and dream of the warming days ahead.


  1. I hope you get your warmup soon.

  2. Joys of gardening and harvesting one's produce is just immense; I have a small number of pots on my balcony where I grow some herbs and greens! Its very satisfying to see them grow


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