Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spring Returns

Here, in the Binghamton area of the Southern Tier of upstate New York, we have spring at last.

Sort of.
One of my two Lenten roses

As the snow melts, the backyard is revealed.   These pictures were taken on the first full day of spring.

Daffodils (these are over 30 years old) come up.
What may be the only camilla in upstate New York, my poor April Rose, which doesn't look happy.  I wonder if it is going to make it after trying for three years.

It snowed a little bit this morning, and the forecast is for more snow showers through the day. Soon, it should  be above freezing.

At least we aren't getting what they got yesterday in Iowa.

Still, winter is slow releasing its grip.  But, release it will, and I'll be there to record it.


  1. We got a foot of snow Wednesday. Most of it is already melting

  2. That's what early spring looked like in Chicago, too...

  3. I love that you have daffodils that are over 30 years old. That is wonderful!! My wife for a while worked for some rich oil widows here in Tulsa. My wife is very thrifty and was shocked to find out that the oil widows insisted that the daffodil and tulip bulbs be pulled out every year and replaced with new in the Fall in order to keep the "prettiness" of the beds intact. Heather pulled those bulbs out and brought them home instead of throwing them away and we are still enjoying them.

  4. Your part of the country has been hit hard this year. How wonderful your plants are coming up, again. Thirty years old? Woah! I'd say you're a great gardener! xoxox, Brenda

  5. Spring makes everything pretty and I am sure we will see some gorgeous clicks from you soon. :)

  6. Happy days are here again..thumbs up! A long long wait can be so fresh and encouraging.
    I amazed to see the tenacity with which the nature bounces back to life... a lot to learn here!


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