Monday, March 19, 2018

Sunshine #AtoZThemeReveal #MusicMovesMe

Today, on #MusicMovesMe, it is a "Freebie Day" - we can blog about anything musical we want.

Today is also the Blogging from A to Z Challenge "Theme Reveal Day".

But first - who are the 4Mers, or the Music Moves Me folks?

The Head 4M'er is XmasDolly.  Her co-4Mers are:  Callie of JAmerican Spice, and ♥Stacy of Stacy Uncorked♥   And last but certainly not least, Cathy from Curious as a Cathy.

I'm not the only 4Mer who is going to do A to Z - I probably won't be doing music (except for the April 2 post) but please check out all the participating 4Mers and other A to Zers during April.

And now, drum roll.

A musical hint.

Anita Bryant was the spokesperson for..well, Florida orange juice.  But before that, she had several hits, including this song "Paper Roses".

But why am I blogging about Anita Bryant?  Because, to many who grew up in the 1960's, she was one of the public faces of Florida.  (I am not getting into the controversy of her political views. We are strictly orange juice here today.)

Florida is a state that so many associate with theme parks.  The Disney properties.  Universal.  But maybe not much of anything else.  Oh yes.  There are those who call it "(the deity)'s Waiting Room" for all the seniors who move there, or snowbird there.

But before theme parks existed, there was citrus.  And sunshine.

There was KC and the Sunshine Band, a Florida group that still tours.  Their first album was all instrumental, including this 1974 (live) rendition of "Rock Your Baby".  I saw them perform at Disney World in 1975, when Disney World was mainly....Disney World.  And Orlando wasn't a megapolis jammed up with traffic and construction.

But I digress.

There was what many (including myself) call "Old Florida".  And, for the month of April, Florida is what I am going to bring you (for the most part).

I want to bring you the Florida many tourists don't see if they don't venture out of Orlando Theme Park World.  I want to bring you the Florida I grew to love during my time of living in the Sunshine State (1974-1976) and the Florida that still exists, if you take the time to seek it out.  And even some of the best of modern Florida, because it's out there. 

This past January, my spouse and I visited Florida, and we want to share some of our experiences.

 "Florida-Outside the Theme Parks" will be my theme for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

I wasn't going to do the Challenge, but my spouse (believe it or not) talked me into it.  If I complete it, it will be my fourth time.

Because that Florida sunshine tree is calling, and I can't wait to see what my fellow A to Zers have in mind.


  1. Florida - have visited a few times but never wanted to live there. I look forward to your posts. BTW, I love everything about Disney World.

  2. Sounds really interesting Alana - I love the A to Z for the unusual themes people choose. I'm doing the A to Z(en) of Life this year and am ready and raring to go - bring it on!
    Leanne | cresting the hill

  3. Sounds like a great theme! I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

  4. Sorry. If we can blame Weinstein Movies for the idiocy of Harvey, then the fact that Florida was proud of this wench is yet another example of its moral turpitude.

  5. Alana,

    I think it's fun that you choose sunshine in part as your mewsic theme because Mary did the same thing. lol Two great minds, eh? It's also interesting to note when I visited her earlier it was rainy and now the sun is out at least for the moment. Okay, you got me hooked on your A2Z Theme. I certain will pop in to see what you share. Thanks for boogieing with me today, dear friend. Have a pawsome week!

  6. I've been to Florida ... once ... oh heavens, 26 years ago now :) I'm afraid I didn't see much outside the theme park bit and the space centre, so I look forward to your posts.
    Tasha's Theme Reveal

  7. Nice songs. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great theme for A to Z. It's funny that you talk about the theme parks. There are versions in California, too. But yeah, if the weird news is any indication, there's a lot more to Florida than that :)

  9. hey HEY PARRRRRR-TEEEEEEEEEEE!!! There's a party goin' on at ramblinwitham.... woo hoo!!! Well, it sounds like it to me with K.C. & THE SUNSHINE BAND. So today is the reveal day huh... well guess what I'M IN TOO! WOO HOO! So dance with me some more... woo hoo! I got the beat mama... it's really HOT Over here today! Luvin' the tunes~! Thanks for joinin' us girlfriend and I better go reveal my theme this I think is my 3rd year or my 2nd gotta go look. I think the 3rd, but you know what I'm doin' I bet... hahaha so look for me to sweets! YOU HAVE ROCKED THE HOUSE & THANKS FOR THE DANCE! WOO HOO!

  10. Nice music and I like your theme for the A-Z.

  11. I love the KC song. Your theme is great. When I visited Florida, I did go outside of Disney and enjoyed a few things.

    I am doing A-Z too! Thanks for dancing with the 4M's.

  12. Oooh, Florida. What fun! I've actually never been there. I am going to do the A through Z challenge, too. I will write about my adventures, because it will include a trip to California! I forgot to do my theme reveal today so I will do it tomorrow. I'll try not to make my theme be the joys of procrastination, lol.

  13. I have never visited Florida and even if I do we may end up only visiting Orlando .. your posts should be a wonderful e-tour for me!

  14. I only visited Florida once, and that was when I was sponsored to attend the Florida Christian Writers Conference about 5 years ago. So really, all I saw was the conference centre, but what a beautiful drive to get there! I look forward to your theme.

  15. I did the April Challenge for several years, but it got too time consuming.

  16. Hi Alana,
    Sounds like a cool theme! I wasn't sure where you were going with it when Anita Bryant was in the first two videos :)
    I always liked her Paper Roses. That's one of the first songs I ever learned to play on the organ.
    And KC and the Sunshine Band: Love them! So long ago!!!

    I'm interested in your theme because for some reason I've never been drawn to Florida. It's one of those states that I've never really had a desire to go to so I will be interested to see what's so special about it from your perspective, aside from all the touristy hot-spots.

    Have fun with the A-Z. I'll be around, in and out. I mentioned to you earlier that I wasn't doing it this year. Too much going on and I'm having my shoulder surgery week after next (April 2) and like I mentioned to someone else, I know I'm not going to want to do anything but lay around and whine about how much it hurts! :)

    Have a great week,

    Michele at Angels Bark


  17. Music gets us hearing melodies and rhymes that create a rhythm in the mind. Imagine if we could force-feed education and knowledge through music - it would be great - we could learn everything so soon, so easily!

    Different types of people tend to perceive different types of music differently. Music is wonderful, after all!

    Music can be perceived by:

    -hearing the melodies
    -understanding the song words
    -reading the music script like a story
    -singing along with the sounds and rhymes

  18. Oh my Goodness! You brought me back a ways with that song. Except I remember Marie Osmond's release and listening to the 45 at my friend Charlene's over and over. Still remember the words to a T. Marking you on my "must read" list for A to Z this year!
    Stephanie Finnell
    @randallbychance from
    Katy Trail Creations

  19. I'm not a fan of theme parks and like off-the-beaten-track nooks and crannies, so your theme resonates with me. Look forward to reading in April. All the very best for a successful and fun challenge.


  20. When you think of Florida you think of theme parks - will be really interesting to see the other side to the place


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