Sunday, April 8, 2018

April Snow Oh No Please Go

Monday, winter returned to the Triple Cities of  New York State.

Hey! It's April! The Bradford Pears are supposed to be blooming later this month.  Snow, snow, go away, and don't come back for many months!

The road to work stretched before me.  One step at a time...

Cold justice served at the Broome County Courthouse.

The hydrant looks patriotic, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, yesterday in my yard, my Lenten Rose was continuing to bloom.

And then, last night, it got down to 22 degrees (-5.56 C).  I'm almost afraid to look and see if I have any flowers left on my Lenten Rose.

Will spring ever get to the Southern Tier of upstate New York?  Tune in next Sunday.


  1. We were down to 25F yesterday morning. It is supposed to warm by now in Oklahoma!!

  2. Our snow is gone, but it was only 20 degrees this morning. Just too darn cold for me.

  3. It's even been chilly here the last couple of days. Chilly for us meaning temperatures in the 40s, but oh my goodness, snow in April! That would be hard to take.

  4. I'm ready for REAL Spring! We had a good bit of snow in West Virginia on Saturday. However, the ground was so warm, thanks to the temperature being near 70 on Friday, that it didn't stick.

  5. I'm sending you warm thoughts. (Actually, do you want our weather? It's supposed to be 92 tomorrow. That's way too hot for April.)

  6. Even in Philly, where the temps were almost 50, the 40 mph gusts made opening day pretty unusual. (Had to love that plastic bag suspended over left center for almost 2 hours as it whisked this way and that.)

  7. I am in Colorado and thought the same thing this morning, "I thought it was spring" lol. I finally stopped snowing, but was still cold. Hopefully it will be nice tomorrow. Hope you warm up.


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