Tuesday, May 1, 2018

April Snow Brings May Flowers?

Today is May Day, a traditional spring holiday in many countries.  In the United States, years ago, we used to celebrate with May baskets of flowers hung on doors - but no more, apparently.  I've never heard of the custom - have you?

Instead, I will celebrate with some photos taken in my yard over the last two days of April.  Unlike Sunday's post, which featured flower photos taken in the Binghamton/Johnson City New York area, these are all from my yard. 

Snow all through April.  We even got snow flurries yesterday, but spring, finally, will not be denied.

May flowers for you.

Bloodroot has been blooming in my back yard for several days now.  This is a short lived flower - but its early blooming habits make it so welcome.
These tiny jonquils are so welcome, too.

One of my two Lenten roses - the other one, an earlier variety, is done.

Finally, a taste of flowers to come - white hyacinths.

Now, if only the trees would start to leaf out.  With suddenly warm temperatures, I suspect that spring is going to be intense - and short.  In fact, we have a possibility of severe weather on Thursday.


  1. It’s all been delayed this spring, hasn’t it? But I’m glad the season is finally here.

  2. Well, you answered a question. My synagogue has myriads of those blue flowers. I never knew they were called Jonquil! (We are on 1600 Jonquil.)

  3. Hooray for blooms making an appearance after your late snow and cold! When I was a kid, we celebrated May Day by making baskets and filling them with flowers. They would be hung on doorknobs, we'd knock on the door and run. Of course I grew up in a once-remote town of 750 people and we were a little behind the times in most things.

  4. As purple is my favorite color, I love the vinca. I guess April (snow) showers really can bring May flowers.

  5. What a lovely post. It was so refreshing to see these flowers. I'm off to spend some time in bluebell woods on Sunday - really looking forward to it. Thank you for the preview of spring loveliness.

  6. Never heard of the May flower baskets thing, my kids used to leave candy at their friends' doors. If April showers bring May flowers, I'm wondering what April freezing temperatures will bring.

  7. Pretty, pretty flowers! I don't currently have any growing in my yard, but every year I say I'm going to throw out wildflower seed and see what happens at the back of my property!

    I have heard of Mayday, but that's it - just the word. I never knew what it was, or how it was celebrated or anything.


  8. I have heard the phrase May day, but I've never seen any indication of any celebrations. Hoping the snow is done for you guys now.


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