Friday, May 25, 2018

Small Treasures #SkywatchFriday

Some say skies without clouds make for uninteresting photos.

They may be right.

Nothing stunning here in upstate New York - just everyday "clear and so crisp you think the light will cut your eyes". Well, that and a white dot right above the trees - that is the moon.

While I am at it, how about some historic treasures of the small city where I work?
But if you want clouds, I'll give you clouds - and a dogwood next to a historic church, Christ Episcopal, in downtown Binghamton, New York (these pictures taken last week).

The church from afar.  This was designed by the same architect that designedTrinity Church in downtown New York City.  The building dates from 1858.
A historic block in downtown Binghamton, featuring the Press Building, now converted to student housing, and some buildings which are, alas, vacant.

Such as this historic building, the Strand.

Isn't it sad when treasures rot away?

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  1. Nothing is more heartbreaking than beautiful period buildings just falling to pieces. I do understand that sometimes they are simply salvageable. But that just makes me cry, too!

  2. I know I'd like to see old buildings restored and put to use. Maybe someday.

    Blue skies are beautiful when all you've seen are gray clouds for days. (Although, we're getting some sun today. Finally.)

  3. Yes, it really is sad when these old buildings sit vacant. The Strand looks like a cool old building, as does the Press Building. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I find the Press Building interesting because I spent my working life in the printing and newspaper business. I agree, though, it is sad when old buildings sit vacant.
    You certainly found some lovely blue skies, and I have a photo of the moon just about that shape but with a darker sky for SkyWatch this week.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. Great photos, I really like the pics of the old buildings. I have been known to put clouds in an otherwise featureless sky. True confessions!!

  6. Great shots! Love knowing history about towns and love it even more when the towns keep these old building and maintain them. Thanks for sharing.


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