Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Disappearing Generation

Our parent's generation is disappearing, we who are called "baby boomers".  Each day, there are fewer and fewer to carry on memories.

I saw a Facebook post yesterday, one that got me to thinking. 

It was a picture of a young adult woman with a monkey perched on her shoulder, 1954.

Fast forward many years.  I had met this woman's daughter through blogging.  We friended each other on Facebook, and several years ago, my spouse and I finally met her, at a Civil War reenactment, near Charleston, South Carolina.

Along with the blogger came her son, and her mother, the woman in the picture, a British woman who had immigrated here sometime after World War II.  There was something about her - something special, something adventurous. Aging had not stopped her.

My blogger friend had been a single mother with two children, a son and daughter.  Her mother helped her raise them.  My spouse talked about thunderstorms with her, several minutes before one hit, and we separated.

I had no idea how old her mother was until yesterday, when my fellow blogger announced her mother's death on Facebook.

Later today, I will be visiting my mother in law.

Yes, death is a natural part of life, and the generations before us have made room for us who now walk in the sunshine. 

One day, it will be our turn to face whatever is to come with grace, and to teach those coming after us.  Aging must not stop us, either, until the day we are called to wherever we go next.



  1. I love interconnections Alana - so great that you got to meet her - and lovely to think that she inspired you (and others) with her zest for life. I hope it can be said the same for me in my later years :)

  2. Our connections and their profound effect on our lives! What a priceless meeting! It inspires you and now it inspires us!
    Yes, it is our generation that is slipping over to the other side. Older brothers and sisters first. Then it will be our turn. The greatest adventure!

  3. There aren't a whole lot left although I enjoy listening to stories of comedians who seem to live to 90+ like Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks. Slowly friends I've known since high school have departed. Let's hope we live as long as Carl and Mel.


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