Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Throwback Tuesday - The Full Measure of Courage

Today, my childhood best friend would have turned 66 years old.  But she is not here to celebrate with me.

This is from a post from the summer of 2013, when my friend was a couple of years into her fight for health.

My friend sent an email to friends and family:
I brought the fruits of my knit/crochet project to the pediatric oncology department today. Grand total was 2 baby blankets 7 hat scarf sets, 2 plain hats, and 9 infant/toddler hats. The nurses were so excited and happy. Some good came out of some bad. I hope some children like the things I made while waiting.
As one of my other friends from childhood said "cancer and children should never be in the same sentence."

At the time I wrote this post, my friend's husband was battling cancer alongside of her. Her spouse had to spend a lot of time in doctor's offices to be treated for a medical condition.   My friend normally came with  him and waited for him while he has his treatment - sometimes waiting an hour (or even more).

Out of boredom, she started to do her needlework while waiting.

She did beautiful crocheting and knitting work - and, recently, has been working on projects for pediatric oncology patients.

I crochet but I do not knit, and I wanted to show off her work because I know quality work when I see it.   Again, this is from 2013:

A crocheted blanket and some knit hats.
Another crocheted blanket.
And finally, some hats and scarves.

We have the cliche "lemons out of lemonade" - this is about as lemony as you can get.

And now she's gone - three years gone, in September.  In her last two years, she showed the full measure of courage, but she fought a foe that was strong, and unrelenting.   Her memory lives on in those of us who miss her.  On days like today, especially - what would have been her birthday - I miss her.  She was a teacher, and she taught me so much.

One day, perhaps, I will understand why she was taken from us too soon.

One day, perhaps, no one will know the meaning of the word "cancer".


  1. Cancer sucks. Succinct but accurate. The blankets look lovely

  2. I just lost a friend to the cancer family, too. He'll be remembered (ok, he'll ALWAYS be remembered- but the subject of my blog) in a few days.

  3. Alana, this is so beautiful and a great testament to your friend on her birthday! You made me cry! <3

  4. Those precious people taken too soon. Something I'll never understand. Wonderful that she left such a legacy of love and learning. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  5. Your tribute to her brings her into my life as well. She did beautiful work. May her memory be for a blessing.

  6. She did beautiful work. It's sad to remember friends that were taken too soon.

  7. So sorry about your loss of a friend. It's as bad as family sometimes. I too am a crochet person. It calms my nerves & keeps me busy. Plus my family is so big it helps with gifts too & my pocket book. Thank you for sharing your friend's beautiful work. Have a good evening my friend. HUGS


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