Monday, July 9, 2018

Blackbird #MusicMovesMe #BlogBoost

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So.  I had music - or is it writers? block this week.  I honestly could not decide on a theme for my freebie week.

Until I opened my back door this afternoon and there, on the mini-grill just outside my back door...

...sat a baby blackbird.

At least, I think it is a baby blackbird.  And, although it still had some down on it, the wings were developed.  I watched over it, and, a few minutes later, saw the mother bird swoop down and feed it.

So far, so good.  The area was in the shade.  The parent had not abandoned the bird.   The bird did not appear to be injured.  It appeared to be a fledgling, with wings, and a very short tail.

We haven't seen any outdoor cats in our yard recently (we have it pretty well fenced to protect our flowers).

I was hoping the bird had not fallen out of a nest, but, rather, had left on purpose.  Yesterday, I had seen, out my kitchen window, an adult bird with all black feathers flying into the grass a few feet away from this grill with items in its beak.  A few seconds later, the adult had left.

A couple of weeks ago a workmate had tried to rescue a baby bird (no feathers) she found in her yard that looked like it may have had an encounter with a cat.  She had tried to call wildlife rehabilitators.  No one ever returned her calls.  One had a message on her machine saying she wasn't participating in any rescues at this time.  The baby bird ended up dying soon after.

This blackbird may be in danger but my instincts said "don't interfere".  An internet search seemed to confirm this.

So, as I wrote this post yesterday evening, I continued to look in every once in a while.

And music came to me, hoping the little bird would be OK.  Blackbird, by the Beatles.

Remedy by the Black Crowes. The Black Crowes, I found in an Internet search, were originally named after a 1903 children's book called Johnny Crow's Garden.

One more - Blackbird, by Alter Bridge.

Around 6pm, I looked out the window, and the bird was gone.  I'm hoping it finally flew, and that it is OK.
Perhaps flying Eight Miles High - the Byrds.

Day nine of the Ultimate Blog Challenge #BlogBoost


  1. A baby blackbird !How can you help a baby bird I have no idea.Found the story very interesting.

  2. I hope the bird is ok. Nice selection of songs today.

  3. Our local pet rescue advises us leave birds who may seem abandoned as the parents are pushing them out the nest to make it on their own. It does seem tough though. We have lots of cats and our vegetable patch doubles up as a bird graveyard as I have buried three recently got by cats. Hope yours has made it through and is soaring free.

    I love the Beatles' Blackbird.

  4. Baby bird aside, these are all super songs!
    Now to the baby: One feels so helpless to do anything! My friend found a baby sparrow, obviously fallen out of the nest, and took it home. She researched how to feed it (with baby bird food on a paintbrush) and successfully rehabilitated it to the wild. It's quite a story. I think I feel a blog post coming on . . .

  5. I voted twice for your first and last...
    May the blackbird not scare away your bluebird of happiness.

  6. Alana,

    Isn't it interesting where mewsic inspiration can be found? I've been in your shoes many times and then just like that I find a theme to go with for freebie week. I think it's neat that you shared The Beatles' "Blackbird" because that's been on my mind for some time. I've been meaning to share it and haven't yet! The Byrds is an awesome oldies band. Thanks for sharing your 'freebie' song picks with us on the dance floor, dearie. Have boogietastic week! ;)

  7. Who knew that your little bbq would be a nesting area? The Beatles song, I must hum or sing at least once a week. We have crows, a murder, that around 7 PM fly past our home to nest in some huge trees causing a racket!

  8. Beautiful songs. Thanks for the dance.

  9. Well, I must say that was very interesting! The tune by the Beatles "BlackBird", brings back a memory of a friend of ours, Joe, a great guitar player I must say played that song on the acoustic guitar & sang it for us at a party of ours. It was so pretty & that evening it was introduced to me. He knew every note & every word & it was beautiful & I was totally mesmerized by his performance! Thanks for bringing back such a lovely memory for me! HAVE A ROCKIN' WEEK my friend! YOU HAVE ROCKED THE HOUSE! hugs

  10. LOL, I love the way inspiration hit for this theme. Great song choices!

  11. My brother is a Beatle maniac, I think my whole family is, and Blackbird is a favorite. Also, in my current WIP novel, crows provide a metaphor for memories. Crows recognize people. Studies of them are fascinating.

  12. A fine set here! I admit that I liked the two classic tunes better than the two newer ones, but they were all right, too.

    I'm happy the baby bird and its mother made it safely.

  13. Great list of tunes today! All of them classics and some of my favorites! Thanks for sharing!

  14. oh wow what a source of inspiration, I hope the bird lives!

  15. WELL DONE ALANA! Now this is what I call an organic theme! I love how it came to you. I hope the baby bird is okay too. Too bad the rehabilitators didn't return your friend's call. For future, you might want to check with your local emergency animal hospital. The one near me takes in wildlife and they treat them, get them on the mend and then coordinate to get them to the various rehab facilities. I've taken a number of birds and squirrels to them over the years. They are awesome people. Once when I went in there with my dogs to donate blood (my dogs were all blood donors when they ran the Texas Animal Blood Bank), they had a resident squirrel. This poor baby was paralyzed in his lower half and they had to squeeze his bladder to be sure that he was urinating every few hours. I got to hold and dropper feed him. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life, I'm not lying! That little guy used to cruise around the clinic, his front legs pulling the rest of him along and he was just a doll. One of the vets there ended up adopting him and taking him home to care for him. I went in there once and they had an owl that was injured or sick, I can't remember which. Amazing people. So anyway, it's worth a call to check with your local hospitals/clinics to see if they can be a spot to take injured or sick wildlife until the rehabbers can get to them. Most of the rehab orgs are run by volunteers so often they're hard to connect with and it takes days to get return calls.

    Anyway, I love your theme! And the music you picked is perfect! Brilliant!
    I love Remedy! There are a few songs on that Black Crowes album that i really like. Remedy is my favorite.
    I never heard of Altar Bridge before. That was a good song. And you sure can't go wrong with the Beatles' Blackbird or the Byrds' 8 Miles High!
    Way to go, Girl. You knocked this one out of the park!

    enjoy your week,

    Michele at Angels Bark

  16. That is some cool "black" music this week. 8 Miles High is one of my fave Byrds' songs.


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