Thursday, November 15, 2018

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day November 2018 - Keiki Momma

Welcome to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

It's the 15th of the month, and we are under our first winter storm weather warning today, for upwards of five to nine inches of snow with a changeover to sleet and freezing rain before it turns back to snow.  My zone 5(b) upstate New York garden is done for the season.

We've had our freeze and our first snowflakes.  Now we are about to get our first snowstorm.

But inside, the weather is delightful (as long as our heat stays on!) and that is where you will find my flowers.  These are mostly plants I bought in (which will or won't survive the long winter) plus a couple I am trying to root.
Double flowered kalanchoe.
White sunpatien.
Pink sunpatien.
Thanksgiving cactus.
Pink geranium.

Red geranium.
Flowers on a coleus I am trying to root in water.

Last, but not least - my pride and joy. It's not a flower but, rather is a baby.  It's called a keiki, and it is a on one of my phalaenopsis.  In another six to twelve months, it will have its own roots, and can then be separated from the plant and rooted. 

A keiki is a small plant growing from one node along the flower stem of a couple of different types of orchids, including phalaenopsis.  This was a Mother's Day gift to my mother in law a couple of years ago, but she knew she would be unable to care for it and gave it back to me after enjoying it for a month or so.  It hasn't rebloomed, and this is the first time any of my orchids have given me a baby.

As an expectant orchid mother, I am so excited! 

Thanks go out once again to Carol at May Dreams Gardens, who is responsible for this monthly meme.  Why not go to other sites that have linked to her, and check out what is blooming all over the world?

Tomorrow - Skywatch Friday, and it's for the birds.


  1. Congratulations on the baby!
    I have never seen a double-flowered Kalanchoe - it is beautiful!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  2. Loved the pictures. I, on the other hand, bid adieu to my flowers- and never bring them inside. (Yes. I know. Murderer!)

  3. I love your indoor blooms, especially the geraniums and the kalanchoe. I would like to have indoor plants but I have two cats who are notorious plant chewers, so I've given up on that.

  4. It's so nice to be able to bring the sweetness into the house for the winter! My Christmas cactus is loaded with blooms. Last year, it flowered from October right through until April! And a new baby in the family! That is so exciting! Shall we have a baby-naming contest? Or do we wait until it's actually been placed in it's own pot? :)

  5. At least you can have blooms inside. Nice.

  6. You have so many flowers inside. Our cat ensures that won't happen at our house. One of our orchids has two of those babies growing off the side of them. I never knew that name before.

  7. Your indoor plants are lovely! I might be a green thumb outdoors, but indoors my thumb turns black. The only plant that has survived my curse is an African violet - no flowers, of course.

    My son is at college in Massachusetts, and the snowstorm that you will be having will be his first. I can't wait to hear his reaction. Bundle up!

  8. Loved the kalanchoe flowers,congrats on new shoot its thrilling everytime we get hands on a baby plant.
    have a great week ahead.


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