Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The World's on Fire #blogboost #RMF2019

Living on the East Coast of the United States, I watch the fires in California in horror.  I am used to seeing red skies for sunrises and sunsets, but I am almost afraid to ever post such a picture again.
About as red as I want to post - Skaneateles Lake, New York
The numbers are staggering, hard to imagine.
Over 200,000 evacuated.  People fleeing as fire approaches the major highways they are fleeing on.

My spouse was reminded of the lyrics of the Doors song "LA Woman", a song about Los Angeles.

It contains these lyrics:
"I see your hair is burnin'/Hills are filled with fire..."

But Jim Morrison didn't live long enough to see this, or to experience a modern California which is on fire or is without electricity.

Only time will tell what will end up happening - this is only the beginning of the California fire season.

Is this our future?  Horror?  Something that you wish was a Halloween horror movie but is too real, for some bloggers I have interacted with?

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  1. Alana,

    It used to be wild forest forests seemed so distant but after the Smoky's caught fire in 2016 it sorta opened my eyes. Now, when I hear a California forest fire I shutter more intensely now. How tragic! I hope not a single person is harmed by the rage and property damage minimal. This is a nightmare none of us what to deal with, saying prayers for those waiting to see what's become of their home. Thanks for sharing RMF pick today. Join me when you can for Early Autumn!

  2. But climate change is a hoax ....

    Yeah, getting on my soapbox here. The world is burning and “Nero” fiddles.

  3. Sigh. There was a definite eau de ash in the air yesterday. And Newsom is angry at the power companies for not having buried their power lines (which they totally could have done way before now). Ah, the joys of October in California...

  4. As a Californian, I can say each year gets worse.

  5. terrible stuff going on. I have many friends out there. So far no losses but frighteningly close calls saved by amazing work from the firefighters.

  6. The fires are heartbreaking, from people losing their homes, the loss of tree, the scorched earth, the loss of wildlife, the smoke in the air, every way you look at it. It's mortifying to think that this is just the beginning of the season.

  7. I think it's rather unusual to hear of the fires in California this late into the year. It seems the state has burned so much each year, that one would think there isn't much left behind. I do hope that everyone stays safe.

  8. I feel the same way when I see these stories on the news. We have several friends in the L.A. area and are always checking up on them. Can't imagine anything more terrifying.

  9. It's terrifying, and as you said, just the beginning of fire season in CA.


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