Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Things Remembered #WordlessWednesday

I was in our local mall this past weekend, admiring the holiday decorations.

Our mall is under new ownership, and they have made quite the production of decorating, especially where children can have pictures taken with Santa.

In fact, a local florist was involved in setting this up.

And it is beautiful.

I should mention that our local mall, like many in the United States, has been declining for several years.  We have lost many stores, including three of our four anchors.

So, when, on Sunday, a man stopped my spouse and me and said "There used to be a store which would engrave gifts, wasn't there?" I had to tell him, yes there was, but it closed about a year ago.

It was called Things Remembered.

And, in fact, nothing is forever, including our Forever 21  store, which is closing "forever" soon.

It will be joining the other stores which are Things Remembered.

Joining Sandee for #Wordless Wednesday.


  1. We see the same in the malls and stores around the city. People find it easier to order online, myself included. Sad.

  2. It is rather sad to see so many stored disappearing and the malls ending up empty.

  3. It is so sad, it seems the "open air" malls are the way to go now. I use to work in a mall and loved it, especially during the holidays. Unfort. online shopping is killing the small business and businesses like Walmart are killing the small business. Small towns are dying, sigh.

    I loved your photos, smiles.

  4. Same is happening here. It's a shame, but online shopping is so easy now that folks don't want all the crowds anymore.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  5. So many factors have contributed to the decline in malls. I thought it was just the online factor, but someone pointed out to me that those jobs never paid all that well, and as incomes have declined, there is less disposable income.

  6. I think it's sad that so many stores are closing. I know it's easier to shop online, but there are certain products I just can't buy without being able to touch them and assess the quality myself.

  7. The storefront seems to be going the way of the telephone booth. Even a non-shopper (as I am), is sad.

  8. The decorations look lovely. It is a shame to see so many stores closing everywhere.


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