Thursday, April 23, 2020

Tree #ThursdayTreeLove #AtoZChallenge

How nice of the Blogging From A to Z calendar to put the day where our post is supposed to have a Topic starting with T on the fourth Thursday of the month - the day I would be doing my Thursday Tree Love post.

How do I love trees?

Let me count the ways.  So many ways.

But as valuable as their wood and their fruit are, I love their flowers the best.

The flowering trees are coming out where I live in upstate New York.  This magnolia started to bloom on April 13 but then we started to get cold weather and even a couple of instances of snow.  So the tree was somewhat stuck in neutral when I took this picture.

The tree teaches us patience - that things will come in their time.  Like us trying to try to return to a type of normal after COVID-19.  The coronavirus has its schedule, just as this tree does.  Nature has a schedule, too.  It's hard when so many of us are suffering from job loss and other difficult times.

Joining Parul of Happiness and Food and other tree loving bloggers each 2nd and 4th Thursdays at #ThursdayTreeLove.

"T" day at the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.


  1. Hi Alana - I love the blooms as they come out ... magnolias are magnificent ... take care - Hilary

  2. Lovely beautiful Magnolias! I see hope that this will end soon and we may return to our lives .. maybe a new 'normal' will evolve with social distancing as the norm!

  3. Magnolia is my favorite tree, one of the fisrt to bloom, and I just love those big flowers, so pretty!
    T is for Taupe

  4. Wow! A beautiful Magnolia bloom

  5. Beautiful. I love A toZ but couldn't do it this year. Good luck.

  6. How fortunate that T day is a Tree Thursday.

  7. A lovely, optimistic post. I heard you had snow in the Southern Tier. Our trees are blooming in New York City -- with cherry trees out now. I used to walk past them unthinking on my way here or there. Now on my rare grocery or post office trips I marvel at their beauty. They are teaching us patience.

  8. Lovely post. Magnolias are so beautiful, and so full of hope at the end of a long winter.

  9. I love that letter T happened to fall on a Thursday and you could join. I have only seen Magnolia in pictures so your post makes me smile. Take care, Alana..
    I hope to see you back tomorrow and thank you for all the support. Means a lot!


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