Saturday, January 16, 2021

It Can't Take That Away From Me

It can't take everything away from me.  I won't let it.

I (along with millions of others) have lost freedoms and/or livelihoods to COVID.  Many have lost businesses or jobs.  Many are depending on food banks for food.  Others (right now that includes me, a senior, with rates climbing where I live) don't feel comfortable going into stores except for the necessities.   And, maybe soon, not even that.  The UK strain is in our state already. 

But Rona, or COVID or whatever you want to call "it", can't take gardening away from my spouse and I.  The other day we sent our renewal in for our one "in ground" plot and the one raised bed I use, due to my bad back.

2020 raised bed
We've sent in our seed orders.   We did them all online because already there seem to be some shortages.

This year, we aren't as adventurous as in past years.  One herb I am going to try to grow is Zaatar marjoram, an ingredient for a Middle Eastern herb mixture called za'atar.  I already have the other ingredients, thyme and oregano, growing in our home herb bed.

We are also going to try to grow spring-planted garlic, something you apparently can do with softneck garlic with a degree of success.

I'm splurging on some fancy zinnia and cosmos seeds.

Today is another day of snow flurries and white sky gloom where I live.  It's so nice to dream.

No, Rona, you can't take that away from me.

What can't Rona take away from you?


  1. ...I have prepare a large garden for this spring and have been buying seeds. I will be trying ProCut Sunflowers.

  2. I just saw a Twitter thread about smaller companies that sell seeds that aren't as impacted as the larger companies. I guess lots of people are gardening while stuck at home.

  3. Well, gardening mostly! I grew zaatar from seed last year. I forget where I put it after taking it out of a container, but it may come back for me in my zone. I already have 41 milk jugs wintersown. And more seeds on the way...

    I am also happy to be able to check out library books, even if I can't go in to browse, since early on they were completely closed.

    If that mutated form gets here I'll have to tell my daughter she can't visit over spring break. My son already says we'll do another huge shopping so we don't go out at all. We did that at first, thinking we'd be out again in a month! No one knew, did they?

    Yes, prices are going up and up. And what irks me is the packaging on foods gets smaller and the companies don't think we notice!


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