Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Kinder Gentler Society of Alex Trebek

If we, existing one year ago today, had a machine that allowed us to see one year into the future, none of us would have understood much that is going on today.

Not understanding the pandemic, we would still be saddened seeing that the iconic game show Jeopardy was showing the last week of shows hosted by the late Alex Trebek.  

This week's five shows were supposed to be shown the week ending in Christmas Day, but a decision was made to postpone the showing until the holidays were over. 

I fear I will totally lose it on Friday evening, when I see the last show, taped 10 days before he passed away.  I will cry and cry when I hear the farewell message Alex Trebek taped for his final TV appearance.

Last night we saw what was intended to be his pre-Christmas message.  This was not long after he had surgery for the last time.

In this short message, Alex Trebek mentions COVID-19 and then says "We're trying to build a gentler, kinder society. and if we all pitch in, just a little bit, we're gonna get there."

Take a look at this man. Does he look like he was 10 days away from death?

He was running on pure grit and courage when he taped this message, and his final week of shows. This was pure strength of will.  He looks so dignified.

I am in awe.  And, Jeopardy champion Cindy Stowell, who was dying from colon cancer when she competed and never got to see her show aired, would have been so proud. 

Why not honor Alex Trebek by working towards building that gentler, kinder society?  Can we do any less for the man who gave us so much?



  1. I watched last night...and I cried. I know I am going to lose it Friday night.

  2. would be wonderful to see a return to civility!

  3. Ohmyword! Tears here! I wonder if we are able to see these shows?

  4. Such a wonderful man. How he'll be missed.

  5. He was an icon of TV. When he was on the game show, people stopped and watched him. Good man.

  6. I'm a day behind. I'll watch that tonight. I had wondered what happened to these episodes. Bittersweet.

  7. I am hoping as many is. That we have a gentle world.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  8. He really had an impact beyond what you would expect from his job. A good man.
    Carol Cassara


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