Friday, April 2, 2021

Binghamton #AtoZChallenge #SkywatchFriday #LastPhoto

 My "B" post for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge was a natural.  My theme is "New York State" and, for over 23 years, I worked in downtown Binghamton, New York.  I would still be working there except for the pandemic.

I took so many pictures of Binghamton's downtown over the years, mostly on my lunch break.  Sometimes I would be accompanied by one of my two long time work friends.  One is retired and doing well but the other, sadly, retired partially due to health issues and passed away several months ago.

So, I will dedicate today's post to both of them. 

Binghamton is the largest city in what we call the Triple Cities of the Southern Tier of New York.  We are about 20 minutes away from Pennsylvania.  The other two "triple cities", Johnson City and Endicott, are not cities, but villages.  Binghamton is the county seat of Broome County and has a population of about 43,601 as of 2020.  At its peak (1950), our population was 80,674.  IBM originated in our area, and the flight simulator was invented here.

We've seen better days, but I also think we have better days ahead of us.

First, we need a couple of sunrises.  This and the next photo were taken November 1, 2019. The building to the right is our county courthouse.

A lovely sunrise.

December 2016.
September 2016. (the white paper in the building to the left was there because of a projection festival to be held after sundown.)

Another photo from that day, with the white paper.

One of the last photos I took before the pandemic.

November color.

One last view of downtown from near our county courthouse.
It's time to go.  Our workday is over. The sun sets over Lady Justice on top of the courthouse.

Joining with Yogi and other bloggers who watch the sky for #SkywatchFriday.

"B" Day for Blogging from A to Z.  My theme:  New York State.


  1. Looks like a delightful and well-maintained city. No one around here would recognize our our buildings as they have been totally rehabbed, or torn down completely. Alas...

  2. ...beautiful in all seasons.

  3. Binghamton looks like a beautiful city!

  4. I visited Binghamton in my college days. It's an interesting city. Nice photos

  5. Yes, very true, we've definitely seen better days but I have to believe that not only do we have better days ahead of us, but they're finally within reach.

  6. Beautiful colours in the sky.

  7. It looks like a nice town. It's really photogenic with the old buildings. It's cool that you took so many photos over the years. I did something similar in downtown Tulsa where I worked for over 30 years. I walked every square inch of the place and I still found something new every day.

  8. It looks like a beautiful city. Nice sky, and great job merging the different blog hops!

  9. Lovely photos.
    I too like to take photos of my town, espcialy to and from work.

    The Old Shelter - The Great War

  10. Glad you get to highlight your work city. Seems like it's a nice area.

  11. A very picturesque place. I'm happy just looking at it...

  12. Great set of photos! Stay safe!

  13. Greetings and Salutations! Lady Justice image is over the top wonderful.

  14. I've never been to Binghamton, but now I want to visit! Such lovely pictures, amazing sunrise!
    Love the Pavilion in the fall, too. Is it for concerts?

  15. Alana,

    Beautiful series of photographs! I love the gorgeous colors in some of your sky pictures!!

    Curious as a Cathy's Looney Tunes A-Z Bugs Bunny Art Sketch. Happy A2Zing!


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