Thursday, April 22, 2021

Lonely Tree #ThursdayTreeLove

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Every second and fourth Thursday, Parul at Happiness and Food hosts a bimonthly meme for all tree lovers.  Some of the bloggers in this group live in India, a country that is being hit hard by COVID-19 right now.  I have never met these bloggers, but they are in my thoughts.

In my native New York State, in the Northeastern United States, we had what we called "The Pause" (a lockdown) back in April and May of last year.  Restrictions have gradually been lifted since May.

During the lockdown, on May 22, 2020, I took this picture while we were out.  At the time, any unnecessary driving was prohibited, and I think we were attempting to visit a butcher in this village for some meat.  You can see how empty this road is.  

The complex on the left contains an industrial site, and I imagine the tent was there to screen workers for possible COVID symptoms before they reported to work.  Many industrial operations never shut down.

The tree looks so lonely perched as it is at the side of this almost empty road, but it isn't lonely at all.  It has the sun, the air, visiting birds, and perhaps other trees on this street keeping it company.

This tree offers hope - hope that things will get better for everyone in our world.  Today is Earth Day, a day when we think of our home planet and how we can restore our earth and the damage we humans have done to it.  After all, we were supposed to be its caretakers.

Why not visit Parul's website at the link above and see who else has posted this last Thursday of April's Earth Day?


  1. The tree had a job too, shading the tent!

  2. The tree does look a little lonely out there. Great post. Happy Earth Day!

  3. It's not a lonely tree. So many people probably pass by it, even if it was a quiet moment when you took the shot.

  4. Trees always fill me with hope!
    Love this, Alana!

  5. Alana,

    I recall on the occasions we got out last year during lockdown how eerie it felt to be on crowded roadways. Although, Covid protocol is in place for most businesses, you'd never guess we're still under a pandemic judging by the traffic.

    Speedy and Slowpoke Looney Tunes A-Z Art Sketch

  6. It is a beautiful picture. It reminded me of the silence of last year, even in the adversity. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts. It was last year that I started noticing trees more since I had a lot of time and trees around me!

  7. Yes Alana, its havoc in India. Thank you so much for your thoughts. We are in lockdown phase now. The tree is absolutely a new hope.


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