Friday, July 23, 2021

Show in the Sky #SkywatchFriday

Last week, we had a show in the sky.

We got to see somebody (possibly the Thunderbirds) practicing while we were picking blueberries last Friday. Then we saw the (definitely) Thunderbirds performing, from a flood wall, Saturday, during the one performance they were able to hold.  

The Sunday air show sky performances were cancelled due to low ceiling.

I'm apologizing in advance for these pictures but they do have some pretty cloud formations in them.  So, please view them as much for the clouds as my poor attempts to capture these planes from afar.

Here's a couple of the Friday practice run pictures we took while blueberry picking. You can see contrails in the center of the photo and (maybe) two little dots - the airplanes.

Another picture, after they straightened out.  Don't strain your eyes.

As for the Saturday performance, our skies were blue, but there are four tiny dots towards the bottom center.  But the clouds sure were pretty.

To me, the cloud looks almost like a musical note.
Next to last, but not least, just enjoy the sky.  I didn't try to crop this one.

It was so nice seeing that blue sky so I will give you one more photo from Saturday.  No planes, I promise.

All the rain is scary - we are under flash flood warnings several times a week now and we may be one major storm (according to a newspaper article) from river flooding.  But it's nothing like the flooding in Germany, Belgium or China recently.  I hope everyone who reads this post, and their family/friends, can stay safe.

Joining Yogi and other sky watching bloggers for #SkywatchFriday.


  1. Beautiful sky,the last one looks like an arrow

  2. ...the planes look great when the image is enlarged.

  3. Thunderbirds, blue sky and blueberries, sounds like a nice way to spend your time.

  4. Beautiful skies, Alana! I love an air show...with or without planes! 😁

  5. They were a little too far away but the sky shots sure are beautiful anyway! :)

  6. I see them! Those are really pretty clouds. I like that last photo. More rain for you? Summer sure has been something.

  7. The flood warnings are scary...but I am glad you got to see the Thunderbirds. Nice photos.

  8. What a treat that must have been to see these planes flying overhead. Beautiful skies, and please stay safe!!

  9. Ah, the peace of clouds....
    Carol C

  10. I can see the planes. You just need to get a camera with a good long lens ;)

  11. I too can see the planes. Sorry the weather didn't cooperate so they could have done all their shows. Loved the pictures of the clouds, always nice to see.


  12. Great sky shots! Enjoy your weekend.

  13. Oh your photos are just fine!! Beautiful!


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