Monday, July 26, 2021

Songs of the Late 70's #MusicMovesMe

 It's Monday, and it's time for music!  It's time to join up with the Music Moves Me bloggers.

Who are the Music Moves Me bloggers? We are bloggers who blog about music each Monday and if you have music to share with us, you are most welcome to join! (Music Posts Only-meaning at least one music video, please!)   First, there is XmasDolly.  Her co-hosts are: Stacy of Stacy Uncorked, Cathy from Curious as a Cathy, and me. 

Each month we have a guest conductor. Today, for her last stint as guest conductor for July, welcome Songbird from Songbird's Crazy World.

Her theme for today:  You Pick.

I decided to go back in time just a little, to 1978 and 1979.  I'll try not to put too much disco in here, but I hope you groove to these picks. 

First, 1978. 10cc and Dreadlock Holiday.

 Sweet - Love is Like Oxygen.

I've had this song on my blog before, but I could listen to this song all day.  Frankie Valli and Grease.


OK, I've held onto the disco for long enough.  Time to release some boogie! The Trammps and Disco Inferno actually dates from 1976 but it did not hit it big until 1978.  If you can hold back the dancing when you hear this song, you have more self control than I do, so I decided on a long version.

It's time to switch to 1979 and The Cars - Dangerous Type.

The next two songs were actually released in 1978 but were hits in 1979.

Younger people may know Rod Stewart as an American Songbook type of artist but, in his younger days, he was quite the rocker. In this song, though, he shows his disco side - sort of.   Here he is with perhaps the best song ever written about one-night stands and "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?"


Chic's Le Freak was actually released in 1978, but was one of the top songs of 1979.

And that's a late 70's wrap!

Let's thank Songbird for her July guest conducting.  For August, the guest conductor will be - ME! (Shameless self-promotion).  

Join us again same time, same place, next Monday!


  1. ...few if any of these I remember!

  2. By the late 70's I was back in college, trying to get the education I should have finished in the late 60's. I got married in 1974, went back to school in '75, our daughter was born in '76, and I finally graduated in '78. Needless to say, music was not at the top of my 'to do' list, but I always found Rod Stewart's voice to my liking. Have a blessed week.

  3. I'm not familiar with a lot of these songs though I was a young adult in these years. Not sure what I was listening to, lol :)


  4. I remember when Rod switched from rock to disco...when you see him in concert these days you're likely to see a combination of rick, disco and maybe a bit of American songbook

  5. Alana,

    I remember all of these, except "Dangerous Type". That one doesn't ring a bell with me. I think it wasn't the early 80s that I picked up on The Cars. I love Rod Steward's "If You Think I'm Sexy". It's a great dance song but I don't think he's sexy. "Le Freak" was so popular in the late 70s and every time I heard it, it made me want to get up and dance. Nothing has changed. The song still does this to me. Great picks. Looking forward to your special honorary spot next month, my dear. Have a boogietastic week!

  6. Such great songs. Thanks for sharing them.

  7. Yow! Where was I in the late '70s? I knew about two of these!

  8. Funny, I don't rememb er the first two, but I remember the rest. Nice picks!

  9. Going back in time again with your fabulous choices, Alana. We always love to see how the bands look like now, and notice that we're not the only ones that have grown answering your question on the Disco Inferno...we can't sit still either, so we're happy that you inserted the long version😸Pawkisses for a wonderful day🐾😽💞

  10. At first, I thought I recognized but two of these tunes. But, no- I just didn't recall their proper names. Thanks for a trip down memory lane.


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