Friday, July 9, 2021

Visiting the River #SkywatchFriday

Where I live in the Southern Tier of New York, it's been stormy.  As I write this (Thursday evening) thousands are still without power but I'm fortunate.  We never lost ours.  Two of our neighbors lost parts of their trees.  One had branches on their porch and car.  Ugh.  Fortunate again, but it reminded us that it could have been us.

So let's go back a week or so.

Down near the river, July 3.  

Clouds above, muddy river below.  As mentioned, we've been having a lot of rainy weather recently.

A man, a boy, and (the dots right "above" them) some geese.

Hard to see, but in the lowest center, a goose sits.  What is he or she thinking?

Those clouds are starting to look not so good.  Time to head back in.

After the storm, cloud reflections on a road that needs just a bit of fixing up.

Joining Yogi and the skywatchers for #SkywatchFriday.


  1. Bad thunderstorm here on Long Island last night, I lost power for about two hours.

  2. ...threatening days can produce wonderful skies.

  3. Wow with the weather! I might have mentioned it before, but I love a "good storm" as long as it doesn't cause damage so I wouldn't be fond of any that made people lose electricity. Beautiful cloud pictures though!

    Enjoy the weekend ahead!


  4. You live in a spectacular spot, Alana! Beautiful pictures! And I'm so glad you were spared the lost power and damage of the storm. May it ever remain so!

  5. It looks pretty stormy there!! Beautiful shots.

  6. I just saw NYC on the news, water everywhere from that storm. I'm glad you didn't lose your electricity, and that despite the storms you got to see (and share) the beauty in the sky.

  7. Oh that sky. How I love it!
    Carol C

  8. I like puddle reflection photos! I'm glad you didn't lose power. My oldest always hoped the power would go out so we could use the fireplace for light and cooking! It never stayed off long enough to do that, and I don't remember if we ever pretended! He might remember.

  9. The skies turn from pretty to threatening. Glad you are safe!

  10. Glad to hear you're not getting the worst of it. Hopefully the storms will pass soon.

  11. I love the scenery and the greenery. I can see the river level is quite high.


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