Thursday, September 30, 2021

A Whining Post

Various humorists have made a living off of whining.  I'm not a humorist, but I haven't whined in a long time.  Perhaps it is about time.

Thing 1

I'm in a health provider's office the other day, waiting to be called.  I took out my iPhone and tried to sign into my Google account so I could moderate comments on this blog.  I've had this phone for over five years, and I have signed into my Google account at least several thousand times, I'm sure.

But this time, I got this screen informing me that I'm signing into a new device (?), and that they need to verify my identity. The screen looked legit.  So they sent me a text with a verification code.  I entered it, and Google let me sign into my account.  OK, so far I'm OK with that. I understand why the need for security especially in these times.

When I checked my emails, I found an email alert on my recovery email account notifying me that someone had tried to sign into my account; was it me? All right, not irritated yet.

But then, a minute later....I got another email.  From Google, on gmail.  "AM, finish setting up your iPhone with the latest Google apps."  So now security has turned into a business opportunity for them?  Really?  Irritation sets in.

By the way, Google, if you are reading this, I also want to tell you that it's still difficult for me to comment on Blogger blogs using my Google Account. I'm noting here that Blogger (my platform) is owned by - yes, Google.

Thing 2

There's a magazine I've subscribed to for over 40 years. Suddenly now they are sending me bills for renewal via email.  If I pay online, I will automatically be enrolled in their "we'll bill you automatically each year" program (Irritant #1).  I don't like to have any subscription renew automatically.  I waited for a paper bill, which came in due course.  

All that it offers me is a one year subscription.  I normally renew for two years.  I look and look online on their site and don't see a two year option. (Irritant #2) So I give up and send in my check for a one-year renewal.  They don't offer two year subscriptions any more?

At 10:35 am yesterday I received a "thank you for your payment" email.

At 11am yesterday I received an "your account is past due; please pay immediately" email.

Of course, none of this ranks up there with being sick, losing your job, being hungry, or being diagnosed with a rare disorder that kills most people within 18 months after diagnosis.  And, people will point out that these are first world problems.


What irritates you the most?  


  1. AARRGGHHH! I agree. Yesterday I tried to comment on your blog on my PC and Google told me I was logged out of my account. By the time I logged in again and got it set up, I said 'forget it'. Then on my Kindle I tried to comment on a blog and again was told I was logged out. I logged in and my comment disappeared. It happened twice. Not sure what is going on with Google, but I too am frustrated. Whine away.

  2. ...I ALWAYS get my magazines through a reseller, it is so much cheaper.

  3. Every day the computer world exacts its revenge. Sometimes with some small annoyance, sometimes with something major, but it's always something.

  4. First world problems, but yes, very frustrating.

  5. The whole world today irritates me most. Those so-called "little" irritants are indicative of a larger issue. Oh and it's ok to have first world problems. If the first world is our world, our issues are not automatically invalidated. Just saying. /Carol C

  6. Yes, these little glitches are big irritants! It bugs me to click "remember me" and I'm never remembered! Or knowing I've put in the correct password, and being told I haven't. I get the "signing on with a new device" on my phone from my credit union regularly. Or, more often, asking if I "trust" the computer I've just plugged the phone into, the same one I've always used. Do they know a reason not to trust it I don't?

  7. Alana,

    Go ahead, let it all out! It's fine by me if you want to whine. Sometimes you just gotta do it and get it out of your system. Technology is suppose to make your life easier but quite often it's anything other than that.

    Although I can't say for certain what Google is doing but I have found with some apps if you've updated them then act like this is your first time which drives me nuts. There are a few on my mobile devices that I have to sign into again after updates. I don't have the Google app on my phone. Don't trust 'em. They snoop enough on you if you're on their website. Anywho...yeah I'm with you I hate auto renew especially on things I'm uncertain about keeping. I do auto renew on important things, though. Usually, when I get conflicting notices paid, not paid I just chalk it up to bad timing. Something that irritates me is when you enter your password but you can't see what you're typing. That's so dumb! I like how some sites have the show feature to toggle on or off. That's such a help! I hope things are going better for you today now that you got this off your chest. :D

  8. the little irritants are like sand in your shoe - it can build up and drive you crazy

  9. What is a blog for if not to vent when modern life irritations arise? There's a radio station here that does a first world problems bit. They have someone call in and talk about what's bothering them, and then they give them something to compare it to. The radio station has a podcast of the program, so you could listen in, but I wouldn't recommend it.

  10. Gahhh! Getting kicked out of whatever I’m watching or playing and having to completely reboot. Also: Not being able to access the camera on my computer.Ugh.
    I’m thinking it may be time for a new computer...


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