Tuesday, October 26, 2021

An October Walk and Drive

I was planning to post this on Sunday, but the death of Jay Black of Jay and the Americans prompted a tribute post. So I'm changing this a little and posting today.

Our part of New York State isn't the only area where the foliage show has been below average.  Part of this is because our temperatures, for the most part, have been above average.  In fact, we haven't received our first frost yet.

But climate change definitely has something to do with it. 

At our house, it got out to 70 degrees F (21 C) yesterday but I was working and couldn't enjoy much of it.  Today, we are getting rain and we are under a flash flood watch (yet again).  Meanwhile, the Eastern coast is getting a nor'easter. 

These first few photos were taken Thursday.

On the Rail Trail, trees are finally starting to turn but the color is still muted.  The clouds don't help.

Another view of the trail.

After our walk, we decided to drive on some of the back roads in more wooded areas of our area.

The fall foliage is behind where it normally would be, and the color isn't there the way it should be.

Here and there you see traces of what should be, though the colors are muted.

Ah, a little better. (Please forgive the dirty window - it was too cold to open them).

Still another view near the last view.

Oh, those clouds, with the sun popping in and out.

One more view.

By Sunday, the color was a little better. 

The reddish tree to the left is a dogwood, planted at a memorial to a woman who passed away years ago from breast cancer at the age of 38.  Her memory lives on in a charitable organization.
Virginia creeper.

Hoping the foliage gets better before the leaf peeping season ends or the leaves are blown off by a storm, whichever comes first.


  1. ...it sure a sloppy day for walk in the Adirondacks today.

  2. The foliage is a bit disappointing here, too. And it’s likely we will lose a lot of leaves to the nor’easter.

    Climate change is here.

  3. A very nice drive. It reminded me I wanted to drive up the road along the Rogue River and see the color. Ours is better than usual, but then, we had our first frost a few weeks ago. None since.

  4. Foliage has been amazing in Maine. I think it depends on how wet the summer and fall have been.

  5. Still gorgeous, Alana! I have Virginia creepers, too! They really have the best colours here...when they don't feeeze before they turn! 😪

  6. I'm a summer girl, but I do love the colors of fall. We've had our first frost, but not a hard one yet.

  7. Leaf peeping just sounds wrong. I just saw a thing about what brings a good tree color season on CNN 10 (we were watching it in class). So much goes into it with precipitation and temperatures. I had no idea.

  8. We don't get much fall foliage here in Los Angeles, so any is always welcome.

  9. It seems like there a large colorful fall this season.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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