Thursday, October 28, 2021

Flooded Trees #ThursdayTreeLove

Every second and fourth Thursday of the month, Parul at Happiness and Food hosts a meme called "Thursday Tree Love".  A number of her readers live in climes where there is no snow, or, for that matter, trees that turn colors in the fall.  They look to bloggers like me to provide pictures of trees.

However, I have something more to offer my readers today.  Today, Parul is encouraging us to show a slice of our life.

On Tuesday, our area of the United States experienced a heavy rainfall, on top of an already record (I think) year of rain.  Fortunately, because last year was not overly wet, our two area rivers had capacity to absorb the rainfall. That is, up to now.

But, we are at the time of year now where trees are preparing for their winter hibernation and aren't taking up water the way they do when they are actively growing.

The rivers can't hold the water anymore.  Various areas in our county are starting to flood, just as the trees are finally turning color.

Parts of our area are prone to flooding, historically.  

The two parks we go to for walking are both flooded.  Here's one of them.  The water you see in this first picture is not normal.  The Susquehanna River is out of its banks.  To the left, you see a walking path that ends abruptly.

These two pictures were taken yesterday at one of those parks, showing both flooding and fall foliage. The river is out of its bank a lot more than it seems - here, it is up against a nearby flood wall. (How did we get the pictures?  By standing on the flood wall that borders the park.  Safety first.)

Here's one more picture, taken yesterday at the Vestal Rail Trail, which (mostly) is not prone to flooding. (2011 was an exception).

We had two bad floods, one in 2006 and one in 2011. If you go to my blog posts of September, 2011, you can read about it.  Floods nowadays are a lot worse.  We've been spared (so far).

This time won't be like that for our area, but any more rain, and, as the saying goes, all bets are off. 

Climate change is speaking to us once again.  

Will we listen?

Tomorrow, more flood related pictures as part of Skywatch Friday.


  1. ...coming home from the Adirondacks yesterday, the Black River in Lowville looked like a lake.

  2. The trees can't be happy about this. The sky in the last photo is quite dramatic.

  3. Flooding and foliage make an interesting combination.

  4. I worry, as it's still October. You never really dried off this summer either.

  5. If only there was a water pipeline where you could take that excess rainfall and send it our way. We could use it.

  6. Our backyard looked like a lake but we so needed it out here. Carol C

  7. Good gravy! And here we are suffering for the lack of rain! We need to do a little bit of cross-border trading!
    Wonderful pictures, Alana!

  8. Wow for the colours! Lovely photos! Flooding cant be a good thing ... I wonder if there is a practical solution to these climate changes... I am trying to resolve commenting issues on my blog. Thanks for that feedback!

  9. Oh I feel sorry for all that water around the trees. More trees is sure a solution to climate problems. I love the trees and their colors, Alana. Thank you for showing us a slice of your life. See you tomorrow.

  10. I hope we do listen. We'd have even more flooding if not for trees.


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