Friday, October 15, 2021

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day October 2021

Today is a bittersweet day in my zone 5b Southern Tier of New York garden.  It's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (GBBD), the 15th of the month, and I know it will be the last GBBD when my garden will be full of flowers.

The "scratch it out" months will begin, with me hoping that something blooms in my house on the 15th of each month until spring comes.  So, instead of giving you a lot of collages, I'm celebrating one last flower month with lots of pictures. 

And, if you are looking for my Skywatch Friday post, click here, but I hope you'll return for some flower beauty.

Now, let's celebrate the last really nice outdoor GBBD of 2021 with a new flower for us.

Toad lilies!  They started blooming several days ago in our shady back yard.


They join other fall flowers we have in our two home flower gardens - for example, sedum.

Japanese anemone.

Pineapple sage, which just started to open Wednesday.   We also have a yellow leafed variety, whose flowers are barely starting to open.  These both will be gone with our first frost.

White mums in their last days, turning pinkish. (These overwintered from last year in our mild winter).

Yellow mums, purchased last month in bud.  We have one other (hardy) mum which is only now starting to open.

Obedient plant (I think), which some gardeners helped me identify last year.  We ended up transplanting it to a better location - it was languishing where it was.

Some of the holdovers from summer bloom.

Lemon gem marigolds.

Petunias/million bells.  They haven't done well with all our rain.

Dill flowers.



Fuchsia and monkey flower.

A different type of fuchsia. We had the best luck ever with fuchsia.

Dahlia, which we will have to dig up after the first frost. 

Lantana, having the best year I've ever seen in the years of growing them. The lantana at the upper right has a bumblebee on it.  I heard on the news that bumblebees have disappeared from eight states, including a state that borders my New York State.  That is downright scary.  But, moving on....

Bravo impatiens, which I will start rooting today or so (our warm spell ends this afternoon or evening).

Last but not least (and I've left some of our flowers out) - heuchera (Coral bells).

We also have zinnias at our community garden, but I haven't been there in several days.  The last I knew, though, they were getting mildewed, a problem we don't normally have with them.

Rain later today.

Soon, these flowers will be a distant memory.  Let's enjoy them while we can

Joining Carol at May Dream Gardens for her monthly 15th of the month celebration of flower gardeners from all over the world.  Why not check out some of the other bloggers in this celebration?


  1. Physostogeia virginiana is definitely obedient plant. There is a lot still blooming in my neighborhood. A beautiful plant.

  2. Your mums just remind me that I really must make a trip to the nursery for some. What is autumn without chrysanthemums? Love those sweet little toad lilies and the sedum.

  3. ...the Toad Lily is the stand out for me.

  4. A beautiful assortment of flowers!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  5. You still have such a fabulous collection! I love pineapple sage. Yours certainly took it's sweet time blooming! I wouldn't mind some obedient plant, I think I had some seeds once upon a time.

  6. Wow, lots of flowers still. At least the winter months are of short duration?

  7. I adore toad lilies, although I haven't a chance of growing them in my climate. I'm intrigued by the obedient plant, especially as I recently saw a mass of them growing at my local botanic garden (even though my western garden guide doesn't even list the genus as a viable choice here). Mildew has been a huge problem in my cutting garden this year, dispatching most of my zinnias well before their time.

  8. Very pretty flowers! I enjoyed seeing them all, Yes that is Obedient plant:)

  9. Beautiful post, loved the toad lilies.

  10. Absolutely beautiful, Alana! I'm so envious. My naturtiums, begonias and roses have all sighed and died. My perky petunias, pansies and hollyhocks are all that's left of a grand summer!

  11. My experience with Obedient plant is that it is anything but obedient. I no longer have it as it didn't stay where it was planted but jumped all over the place. Toad lilies succumbed to deer and or rabbit foraging. I'm in Avon, NY south of Rochester. I thought I'd heard frost warnings for the Southern Tier before our latest warm spell. I still have dahlias, zinnias, potted mums, a single Stella D'Oro bloom, sedum, and the hardy white mums are still just in bud.


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