Saturday, December 4, 2021

National Sock Day #NationalSockDay

Did you know that, in the United States, today is National Sock Day?

I enjoyed reading about it.

I don't know who started this but, supposedly, if you use the hashtag #NationalSockDay posting a picture of your socks, a clothing company called Pair of Thieves will donate a pair of socks to the homeless.  I heard about National Sock Day on The Weather Channel, and decided to join in because...

...I'm a dedicated unusual socks person.  In fact, I've been wearing unusual socks for years, and occasionally used to get teased at work about my socks.

Like my Sunsweet Prunes socks, for example.

My fighting breast cancer socks.  I also own a pair of Sock Out Cancer socks, whose sales benefit local cancer patients with their living expenses. 

Then, there are my holiday socks.



It would seem I'm in good company with my love of socks.  The late President H.W. Bush was a fan, too.

I have wool socks, knee high socks, and just regular ol' socks.  I love them all.

Are you ready to display your socks online?


  1. ...nope, but there's a day for just about everything!

  2. I just have everyday boring socks! Now, my daughter, her partner, and his daughter, ALL have interesting socks! Actually, so does my son. I get him a new pair for his stocking (Ha! Socks in a stocking!) every year. I forgot, I need to order them. Usually a president or art work.
    And here I thought today was just National Cookie Day! That's what Alexa told me.

  3. How cool is national sock day. I recall my son grumping about sock for Christmas present. Now it welcome gift.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  4. I am just happy if I can mate up every sock I wash. But my sister loves socks too. I have a cousin who owns a sock mill.

  5. I imagine if I ever got into socks, it would be of the hand-knit variety. So many wonderful patterns, and they're not that hard to do. Alas, I rarely wear real shoes. Mostly mules, so I cut down socks so I have half socks to wear underneath them.


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