Saturday, January 22, 2022

Charm Bracelets

I read a thread on Twitter today.  It started "Am I too old for a charm bracelet at 61? Hubby says no one does these anymore...I assembled it and picked up from jeweler today. I’m crushed."  She got quite a number of responses.

Charm bracelets.  Why not?  If you are a woman, you have the right to wear whatever you want.  Same goes for men.  And why limit yourself with age?  As far as I'm concerned you are never too old to do anything that interests you.  You may be held back physically or healthwise, but why not try what you can?

But the thread that followed that question brought back memories. I'm older than 61, and have no charm bracelets currently, but I've owned a couple of charm bracelets in the past.  I wish I knew where they were.  One, I think I lost long ago. 

I've wanted a charm bracelet for a few years and just didn't look into it.  In fact, since the pandemic began, I have worn jewelry only on a handful of occasions.

Believe it or not, part of the reason why I want one is because of WW (formerly Weight Watchers). They give out Milestone charms for various weight loss milestones so I have a tiny (well, a little) pile of unused charms. I could put them on a keychain.  WW does not sell the bracelets.  They sell so many other things, I wonder, why not a charm bracelet to put the charms on?

I went on Etsy and there are quite a number of charm bracelet sellers out there, some priced quite reasonably.  Now, wouldn't I love a charm bracelet with a camera, a watering can, a chicken (because I used to own chickens), and my/spouse/son's birthstones?  What an amazing way to tell a life story.

I found a seller called Pammytail who seems to have excellent reviews for her made to order charm bracelets.  She also offers over 1,000 charms.

Now, as for for those weight loss charms,  I'd have to figure out how to get them on the bracelet.

And then, of course, I would have to wear it.

Maybe now it's time for an informal poll of my readers:  Does anyone out there still wear charm bracelets?


  1. ...when I started grand school in 1950, our beloved principal Miss Saint Helen had an amazing charm bracelet. She had so many charms that the chain was not visible. A favorite was a tiny whistle that she would blow. What fun times those were, Cold War and all!

  2. I never had one, but longed to as a child/teen. I had/have the charms that I liked, such as a tiny sterling spaniel I got in high school when I had a spaniel. I think the vintage charms are amazing.
    I don't wear jewelry. I used to. Not because I'm "too old," that's nonsense! What an incredibly rude husband that woman has! How would HE know that no one wears charm bracelets anymore? I doubt he keeps up on women's jewelry trends!
    I follow a blog of a reseller of vintage stuff. She has written about charms. She's and search for "charms" and there you have it. Some of the ones she shows are adorable!

  3. I think charm bracelets are … charming

  4. If you like it, you should wear it. Someone on Twitter today was asking if she should wear a short skirt, with the hint that she thought she was too old. I didn't reply, but I thought it sad that we've gotten to a point where people think that they can be too old for something they like.

    As for me, I hate wearing anything on my wrists. I don't even like long sleeve shirts. If I wear them, they must be pushed up into my forearms. I think a charm bracelet would make me crazy. But that's me. I don't have a problem with others wearing them.

  5. I never had one, and I like one.
    It doesn't matter the age of person.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  6. Alana...I so loved this post. As a child I had very little jewelry, but as I got older and charm bracelets became a way of collecting, I had several. Mostly with sports charms and school medal awards. Still have all of those as well as others. Then there was wearing Senior rings...your own and boyfriends on a bracelet...still have those, too. Your post inspired me to write about a special charm bracelet I wear on occasion to this day. Thank you...I think it may be what I needed to get back to blogging. Love, Sue

  7. My ex had a charm bracelet with a charm for eachof our glorious kids. I think she still has it- but who knows.


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