Monday, May 9, 2022

From One Song to Another #MusicMovesMe

 It's Monday and we all know what time it is.  It's music time!

Who are the Music Moves Me bloggers? We are bloggers who blog about music each Monday and if you have music to share with us, you are most welcome to join! (Music Posts Only-meaning at least one music video, please!)   Our head hostess is Cathy from Curious as a Cathy,  and she is joined by the knowledgeable Stacy of Stacy Uncorked, Sandee at Comedy Plus, and little ol' me.  Our founder, Xmas Dolly, has stepped back from blogging for now, and would appreciate your good thoughts as she works through some health issues.

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Each month, except December, we have a guest host. For the month of May, our guest host is John Holton of "The Sound of One Hand Typing" and he's got a good month of themes picked out for us.

For today, John is choosing the theme "You Pick".  I have a feeling that many of the Music Moves Me bloggers will pick Mothers Day inspired themes, as yesterday was Mother's Day in the United States, but I was inspired to take a different musical track.

I thought of one song and then the rest just followed.  That doesn't happen often with me.  Most all of these are 60's songs (and I can be talked into considering 1970 as part of the 60's).

For a long time, I never realized this song was done by the Moody Blues.  It's not like their work of just a handful of years later.  Here is "Go Now" from 1965.

From 1965, She's Not There - Zombies

From 1964, House of the Rising Sun - The Animals

Sonny and Cher's 1965's "I Got You Babe" brings back a lot of memories for me. 

"Younger Girl" Lovin' Spoonful also from 1965.  I must be in a 1965 mood today.  But now, let's jump forward to 1970.

Dawning is the Day - Moody Blues, from 1970.  I grew up in New York City and one station, which I think may have been WNEW-FM (I couldn't verify this online), used to use a snippet of this song in one of their station jingles.

Speaking of FM radio in New York City in the late 60's and 70's, I am going to end with Alison Steele, a disc jockey who had the overnight shift at WNEW-FM. She called herself The Nightbird and would start her shift reciting poety and playing flute music.

She had such a wonderful voice and I would stay up late, sometimes until 4am, unable to sleep but there Alison was to keep me company.  Rest in Peace, Nightbird.  Steele died of stomach cancer at the age of 58.   This is long but I invite you to sample this Valentine's Day broadcast, complete with her reading poetry and I would be willing to bet that many who grew up in New York City in the 70's remember her.

And that's a wrap!

Join me again next week, same time, same place.


  1. We certainly need music...and chocolate! Stay safe, enjoy your week, and thank you for visiting my blog last week. It was good to meet you!

  2. ...I know all of them, but not Alison Steele, I do remember Cousin Brucie.

  3. You had my attention with the Moody Blues. Great choices.

  4. Alana,

    Excellent song picks! I remember many of these. I rediscovered Moody Blues over the course of my blogging years that I had forgotten about. I don't think I remember Loving' Spoonful's "Younger Girl" song. There's something somewhat familiar about it but still it doesn't make me go, "Oh WOW, That's an oldie I forgot!" Thanks for sharing the dance floor with me, darlin'! I hope you had a nice Mother's Day. Have a boogietastic week!

  5. I feel like I missed something, not having the opportunity to be entertained by Allison. Glad you made the introduction, though, and that you remember and share her.

  6. What a great lineup! I knew them all--I was a huge Moody Blues fan! And thank you for sharing Allison. She did have a great voice. Our circle continues to shrink...

  7. Great group of videos. Some I remember and some I don't.

    Have a fabulous day and week filled with wonderful music. ♥

  8. What memories those songs bring back. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This is a great set. I especially like hearing the Moody Blues not once, but twice.

    Alison Steele sounds like a '70's overnight DJ. I miss those days....

  10. Not truly a fan of Sonny- or Cher, but your choice of the Nightbird nullified that memory and then some.
    Loved every other choice- and was the ultimate fan of WNEW, The Nightbird, and the rest of their cast.

  11. We love(d) the song Dawning is the day of the moody Blues💗 Great choices! Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend🐾😽💞


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