Saturday, May 28, 2022

Small Beginnings at the Community Garden

Thanks to some delays (such as the park where our garden is located having to be closed for several days due to a paving project) we are a bit behind in our community garden plantings.

So right now we have small beginnings.

A bonus shot first, from a week or so ago - an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly near our raised bed.

Raised bed (my bed, which spouse has been tending this spring while my infected finger healed) from bottom to top, butternut squash, lettuce, tomato (left) edible podded peas (right) barely visible at top are zinnias.  We lost some of our peas when we couldn't get in to water them.  The butternuts are an experiment - these are supposed to be container suitable.

Raised bed other end, several garlic plants that we planted last fall.

A fellow gardener told us today someone saw a groundhog sunning himself/herself in one of these raised beds.  We haven't fenced our box in (some people have) and we'll have to see.  

We abandoned growing beans in the raised bed this year because we were feeding the deer, not us.  Nothing seemed to help, even spray that is supposed to repel them. 

But we are growing them in ground. Strangely, they seem to be bothered less in the ground, perhaps because the area is less open (it's a large community garden of over 100 plots).

Tomatoes in spouse's in ground plot.  Beans are up but they didn't photograph well.

Finally, onion plants.

I may have been gardening since 1978, but the joy of seeing plants grow never leaves me and I thank my spouse, who does 99% of the veggie gardening work.  I couldn't garden in my New York City apartment growing up except some flowers on a windowsill.  I've been so fortunate all these years since.

Spring is moving so quickly. I have so many flower shots to show you and I'll probably never get to showing them all to you.  

Before we know it, harvest time will be here for these veggies.  But I never forget their humble beginnings.

Do you garden?


  1. flower gardens look good, the vegetables not so good.

  2. It's a wonderful omen, seeing that swallowtail.

  3. Whatever gives you joy, right?

  4. Look like a wonderful start to the growing season! Lovely butterfly. My snap peas started being harvested just yesterday. I have some purple podded ones that look pretty, as well as the usual.

  5. We have cut back our veggie garden to only two beds this year. In the past we had as many as twelve. But it is quite amazing how much you can grow on just two beds. You knew that already.

  6. Not sure what our community garden is up to.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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