Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Finally Time for A New Phone?

First, an update - on a recent colonoscopy post I indicated I needed something biopsied.  Results are negative and I am grateful for that.

Now to today's post:

My spouse and I both own iPhone SE first editions (mine purchased in 2016, his inherited from his late mother in law when she passed in 2018).  Both of our phones need to be replaced, but we are both the kind of people who keep devices until long after they have become obsolete.

We know, when Apple releases its next operating system this fall, neither of our phones will be able to handle the upgrade.

I use my phone as a camera that also can make calls and texts.  My spouse wants to use his to identify birds.  The software is too big for the free space on his phone.  My mother in law had only purchased 16 GB of memory to save money - totally inadequate in today's world.

Also, we've been on the same cell phone plan since 2016.  

Sometimes, you need a push. We've now received it.

I had read, the other day, that major cell phone carriers were raising monthly charges on "legacy plans", plans no longer offered. Turns out that's true. That is what is happening to us.  Our rates are going up in August.

So, we are preparing to shop for new phones.

As my regular readers know, I use my phone mainly for still photography.  My son recently recommended (once again) that I don't get an iPhone with the latest and greatest camera equipment.  Instead, he recommended, get the current iPhone SE and spend the difference on a "real" camera.  

The one certain thing is we are all going to stay with iPhones.  It's just a matter of "which one", which carrier, and which plan.  Both of us have used iPhones for years and would rather not try to learn Android.

Now it's time for some shopping for a new plan and possibly a new carrier.  It's going to be a learning experience.  At least I am still working part time.  I'd really rather not buy an older phone due to my habit of keeping electronics going "forever".

Oh, the time spent on technology that could be spent on other things...sigh.


  1. LOL. I just bought a new phone, which I use basically when I am out shopping. The salesman said to stick with an Android and not have to learn to use an iPhone. Just learning all the new stuff on the Android was bad enough. And yes, it could have been money better spent on something else.

  2. Yeah that's a tough one! Hoping you find exactly what you need.

  3. I too hold onto things long past their "expiration date," we're finally going to say good-bye to our land line.

  4. I recently went through the exact same thing. We also have an SE and it's my husbands which we have had for years. We were with Verizon and was paying $280 a month and half the time the service sucked. My cable company started it's own mobile company so I decided to give them a try. I bought a new 13 (which has an amazing camera by the way). Even with financing the phone we are only paying $93 a month now and after a small hiccup with the order we have been very happy with the service. My phone now works where Verizon wouldn't. It pays to shop around and luckily with this being a new program my price is guaranteed to never go up!

  5. Gahhh! I hate trying to replace electronics. Or anything else. Why can't things just last forever?!

  6. Glad to hear your biopsy was negative!
    I'm happy with my iPhone 8. I would have gone newer, but the 8 was what I could afford at the time. My son has a 12 (I think) mini, and isn't as happy as he could be. He doesn't think the camera is as good as it would be in the regular 12. I pay under $20 a month with H2O. They use the AT&T network (I don't understand how that works!). It's not unlimited data, I don't think, but I never have any problem. They have more expensive plans with more data. I don't use date much out of the house anyway. I got 256 GB. I had so little on my old phone I had to delete photos to take mo re when there were only 30ish! I don't dent the 256.

  7. We're in the same boat as you. We have iPhone 8s. They do well considering how old they are but the batteries in both are showing worrisome signs and we know it's time to think about new phones. Like you, our plan falls in the legacy rank and we were notified that our plan will increase $12 per month. We'll try to figure this plan part now but probably will wait for Apple's newest iPhones to release this fall before making a purchase. Provided that is our 8s don't kill over. *cross fingers* Best of luck to you!

  8. We also keep our tech until it's obsolete. Appliances and cars until they're dead (after having been revived at least 3 or 4 times, and so on.

  9. Boyfriend got a 13 and doesn’t use half the features. I love my Google pixel.

  10. Ah yes, the phone replacement time. Will your current carrier upgrade your phone if you change your plan? I know going to a new carrier might get you a new phone as well. (Sometimes they're included.)

    Also, when I upgraded mine (back in 2019), I "leased" it, so I paid a bit more every month for the lease (rather than buying it outright). When the lease was up (18 months, I think it was), I was able to pay the outstanding balance to purchase it outright.


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