Thursday, September 22, 2022

The First Day of Fall 2022 #ThursdayTreeLove

It may be cheating just a little to use pictures taken mostly on September 21 to represent the first day of fall, which won't begin, where I live, until 9:03 PM tonight.  No matter; fall is definitely in the air. 

Our trees are already turning, here and there, because of our drought.  We've gotten rain in the last couple of weeks (including today!) but the trees have to prepare for their winter's sleep early, and couldn't wait until Nature made up its mind about the rain.

Here's a closeup of one of the trees. 

Goldenrod is more a late summer flower but it is hanging around to welcome in fall this year, possibly due to the drought.

To me, the flowers that ring in fall are our asters. There are so many types; I don't even hazard a guess as to which variety this one is.

New England Asters. (taken September 14, the day after I saw them for the first time this year).  Nature does create the best bouquets, doesn't she?

One last parting sign of fall - the winter squash harvest.

Let the fall season begin.

Joining with Parul at Happiness and Food for her #ThursdayTreeLove.


  1. ...I love the overlap of goldenrod and asters.

  2. Welcome fall! We’ve got a lot of trees with brown leaves, thanks to the drought. We usually don’t reach peak color until the end of October, but I think we’ll be early this year.

  3. Close enough on September 21st, I imagine. Happy fall.

  4. Goldenrod are colorful but drive my allergies crazy. Yeah squash of all kinds. I am a big squash fan. I've never grown asters; I doubt they would survive Florida sun.

  5. Those Asters are so pretty, we have the same Asters here and impossible to id exactly!

  6. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing these beautiful Fall colours and look forward to more as the season progresses!! :-)


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