Thursday, December 1, 2022

The Chain is Broken

When I heard the news, I was immediately in shock.

Fleetwood Mac singer, songwriter, and keyboardist Christine McVie died yesterday of unknown causes ("a short illness").  She was 79.

Rock and roll heaven is filling up, and for some reason, this latest death hit me harder than some.   The songs of Fleetwood Mac were part of the playlist of my life.

On Twitter yesterday, a Stevie Nicks fan site posted this:  "The chain is broken today" (this is an explanation).

Here are several of McVie songs.

From 1977, Don't Stop.  Such a positive song.

From 1982, Hold Me.  

1987's Everywhere.

Finally, a bonus song, a song co-written by Christine McVie with the other four members of Fleetwood Mac - The Chain.

But now, time and illness have finally broken the chain that endured through all the tumult Fleetwood Mac went through in all their years together and apart.

Rest in peace, Christine McVie.


  1. I always have loved the music of Fleetwood Mac and much of that was down to McVie. What a talent!

  2. I was so shocked to hear this. Very sad.

  3. Her songs are very relaxing to listen to

  4. It sounds like many will miss her. I had honestly not heard of her, and that's due to an unpopular opinion, I don't care for Fleetwood Mac! I'd go do far as to say I don't like their music. Still, a great loss to her family, friends, and fans.

  5. Love their music. And her being 79 reminds me that my generation is getting old.


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