Tuesday, January 3, 2023

No Place Like This Home for the Holidays

I posted a picture on Facebook yesterday as my banner photo for my Ramblin' with AM page, and it was immediately popular.  I thought it was too late to post a photo of a room decorated for Christmas but got to thinking - don't we all deserve some more beauty?   Let's do it.

For years, Home for the Holidays has been an annual tradition at Binghamton, New York's Roberson Center and Science Museum.  Roberson dresses itself up with Christmas trees in every nook and cranny, but if you don't know the secret of Home for the Holidays, you will miss the best part.

A portion of Roberson Center is located in the Alonzo Roberson mansion, completed in 1907.  You access it from the upper floors of the museum.  For Home for the Holidays, the mansion is open to the public and its decorations are breathtaking.  So if you go, be sure to look for the sign pointing towards the mansion entrance.

Here it is! Let's go in.

And up the stairs. 

Could you imagine living here?

I was late this year getting to Home for the Holidays.  We had tried before Christmas but made the mistake of choosing a weekend, and we couldn't find a parking space.  So, we waited until December 30.

We could call this the red and blue room.

There's something about fireplaces.

And staircases.

Let's end today's post in this room.

I visited Roberson  for the first time in 1970, years before I moved to Binghamton.  In the summer of 1970, I was invited to visit my best friend's family, who summered in a rural part of New York State.  Her mother took my friend and me to Binghamton on an overnight.  I never dreamed the Binghamton area would eventually become my home.

I'm happy it did, though.

Want to see more?  Come back tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I can't imagine the work involved in setting up and taking down.

  2. Just like with your sky watch pictures, it's always a good time to share beauty.

  3. It not too late! Gives us time to plan next year's decorations. If we lived in a mansion.

  4. Just go for a walk in the woods and you will get all the beauty you could ever wish for. It will be there every day and take on new trappings with every season. There is no charge and it has been proven to be good for your health. It doesn't get any better than that.

  5. These decorations are so festive and amazing to see

  6. I hope they treat there staff well.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  7. How very beautiful this is! Thank you for sharing, Alana.


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