Saturday, September 30, 2023

Saturday in the Park

Today, we traveled to Norwich, New York to check out Saturday in the Park with Chobani. 

If you are of a certain age and are from the United States you may recognize the name Norwich from "Norwich Aspirin" (1907) and Pepto-Bismol (originally sold in 1901 under the name Cholera Infantum).  Other products produced by the then- Norwich Pharmaceuticals included Unguentine, originally sold as a surgical dressing. Under a different name, this company is still in business.

For a city of some 7000, this Saturday gathering was a blend of farmers markets, crafts, non profits, and people meeting up with each other.

We got there about 90 minutes before it was closed.  Here are some highlights:

Saturday in the park.

The day started with a beautiful blue sky.

If you have had Chobani yogurt, this company is located about 15 miles (24 km) from Norwich.  Chobani likes to give back to communities (including communities in Idaho, where they also have a facility) and its contribution to the gathering included a food truck with free containers of their Greek yogurt (I had a coffee and cream yogurt, so good).  Because I try not to publish faces, I didn't take a picture of the food truck.

The Bread Poets Society (don't you love these puns?) booth was one of two I spent a lot of time at. Deia from Brazil, the Brazilian woman who bakes this bread is a master salesperson.   She allowed us to sample several of her products, including a yucca bread, a cheese bread, and a banana jelly.

No cheese bread was available but we got the last loaf of rye caraway.

The other booth was Little Farmhouse Lavender.  She allowed me to taste honey bees made from lavender flowers and contrast with a springtime honey.  She also taught me some interesting things about lavender, which I may share in a later post.  I bought some essential oil and lip balm from her.

My finds from today.

And, of course, I must include this song. It's so hard to believe this song is over 50 years old.


  1. We should all be doing as well as Norwich, from what I read... Chobani makes great yogurt...

  2. I do love those little markets. It looks like you found some great booths.

  3. ...we went to Norwich to see Shiny Ribs!

  4. What an amazing blue sky! Oh, I do love bread. I never thought of banana jelly. Seems strange, but it is a fruit.

  5. I remember that song like it was yesterday. Definitely a shock to learn it was actually more than fifty years ago. Does that mean I'm old?

  6. Love it.


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