Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Binghamton's Unexpected Garden #AtoZChallenge

For today, I want to show you an unexpected garden that waits for visitors, in clear view of I-81 going through Binghamton, New York.  

I imagine it patiently waits for one of the thousands of cars that pass it each day to pull off the highway at the nearby exit and take a few minutes to wander its paths.  After all, who would expect something like this hidden gem in the Southern Tier of New York?

Residents know.  Now you will know, too.

Welcome to Cutler Botanic Garden.  Tended mainly by volunteers, you can visit it for the best admission price ever - it's free.

Did I mention it's an AAS Display Garden, one of about 350 throughout the United States? Or that it contains a display garden of the American Daylily Society, one of about 250 in the United States?

This garden was given its start by Francis Cutler, who donated the land to the Cornell Cooperative Extension Service in 1978.  The garden opened in 1979.  Its missions include education and just plain enjoyment.  There is also a beautiful small rose garden that is a venue for weddings and other celebrations.

Let's take a look.

At the entrance, in season, a Korean dogwood in bloom.

Hosta garden.

One of the roses.  A number of them are antique roses.

The daylily display garden is a highlight of the garden in July.

Overview of the day lily display garden.

One of the many daylilies.  I've purchased some of mine from them at an annual plant sale in May.

"Plant smiles, harvest love".   This was part of the entries to a Whimsical Garden Landscape Design Challenge from AAS last year.

As was this.

One final view of the daylilies before we leave.

"B" day for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.  My theme:  Gardens, History, Art and The Unexpected.


  1. ...I remember hearing about this.

  2. The entire garden is stunning, but the day lilies are spectacular. Great photos showing the variety of this Treasure of a Garden. There is a town 45 minutes away from me called Eden...they have a similar garden called...ready...The Garden of Eden. Thanks for the reminder to revisit it this spring. (Fixed my reply link)
    Sue at WhereBluebonnetsGrow

  3. I'm all for a daylily garden! How lovely.

  4. Lovely. Certainly brightened my day.

  5. Lush and lovely. I hope you had a joyous Easter!

  6. Spring flowers are fabulous here

  7. What a great little hidden gem.

  8. Oh, the ruffled edge golden yellow day lily. Gorgeous!

  9. How lovely! I especially like the butterfly shaped flower beds.

  10. This was a total surprise! I have passed up 81 on my way to Syracuse and never realized it was there! Thanks for this.


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