Saturday, May 25, 2024

Shadows on a Late May Morning #ShadowshotSunday

 Taken this morning at our local rail trail, as we had a beautiful, sunny morning:

What a shame dame's rocket is an invasive wildflower. It would look so nice in a wildflower garden.  In fact, it was introduced in the 1600's for that very purpose.  But here's why you should never consider planting it (and note, some wildflower mixes include it!)
I wonder if the yellow flower you can barely see in the middle of the picture (I took this from a distance and don't dare blow it up further) is yellow flag iris.  If it is, it is another invasive, at least in New York State.  It's alongside a stream, so the environment would be right for yellow flag iris.
Shadows on the ground.

Taken this morning at our local year-round farmers market:

Shadow selfie on asparagus.


Two bicycle stands.

Joining Lisa at Lisa's Garden Adventures for her #ShadowshotSunday a day early.  We'd love you to come out of the shadows and join us.  All you need is one shadow picture, inside or outside.

Tomorrow is my Memorial Day post, also a day early.


  1. So Dame's Rocket is a little like Kudzu, i.e. moves in and takes over?

  2. ...I enjoy Dame's Rocket and Yellow Iris and have never seen either take over an area the way that loosestrife and phragmites can. I'm happy to pick my battles.

  3. It's sad that so many of the invasive species are beautiful. I suppose that's why they were introduced.

  4. Lovely shadows on a bright, sunny day :-)

  5. The invasive species is a bane here too. Eucalyptus is the worst.

  6. thecontemplativecat here. In Ireland, rhododendron does the same. Looks so lovely but aggressive.

  7. Beautiful nature and lovely shadow patterns

  8. The yellow iris is lovely. I guess that’s why it’s here.

  9. Nice shadow pictures and yummy asparagus and carrots!

  10. Dame's Rocket is very pretty. Phlox gives nearly the same look without the invasiveness. I can say that, but I just can't seem to get phlox to grow! Very cute bicycle stands.

  11. Most weeds are pretty. Dandelions have so many uses too.

    We have the Lantana in our part of the world, which has taken over the forests and doesn't let other trees and plants grow. Those can be a cause of huge concern. Yet, such pretty flowers.
    For some reason a Dandelion never does that, so I like to believe, or know of.

    Looks like a lovely weekend was had.
    Have a good week ahead, Alana.


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