Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sampling the Blue Slate Turkey

I never did post on our experience in eating the young Blue Slate Turkey we purchased over the weekend.

Its only crime was not being attractive enough to be used as breeding stock.

Both my spouse and I have enjoyed true free range chicken, back when we raised our own chickens some 25 years ago. So we know what it is like to eat birds that are full flavored and...let's be honest here....tough, needing special cooking techniques. (there was a reason back in the good old days for chicken soup and chicken stew).

Grilling this turkey was not the best cooking technique. We will know for next time that it needs a gentler cooking technique with moist heat. However, the bird was flavorful. The surprise was...it didn't taste like turkey.

I'm not talking "factory" turkey here but rather the taste of our Bronze turkeys from many years ago, which I could describe at "Turkey +++" Sort of like eating supermarket tomatoes all your life and then biting into one fresh from the garden. You know it's tomato right away. I can't say what this Blue Slate tasted like, however. Which isn't a bad thing. But at $4.00 lb, next time I may stick to this farmer's bronze.

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