Sunday, March 21, 2010

Filling In the Travel Blanks

With all the traveling we've done in the United States, and all the times we've gone through North Carolina and Georgia, we have never spent much time in either state.  That is about to change.

We've now crossed the Blue Ridge mountains (yes, they are blue), slept in North Carolina for the first time (we'll be back again next week) and are now in Georgia.

For so many years we've traveled somewhere, and passed through places we've never stopped to see.  As we grow older, we've decided to do something about that.  So tomorrow we explore the history in the Warm Springs, GA area.  And then tomorrow night if all goes well we will be in Americus, Georgia staying in a historic bed and breakfast-a first time for that, too. (it's pricey but we hope it's worth it).  We hope to see Plains, GA on Tuesday.  Wed-Sat. we will be in Macon, GA for their cherry blossom festival-another place we've slept in but have never visited.

Today, we passed around Atlanta, GA for the first time in 34 years.  The last time we did it it was November and was snowing.  The first snow we had seen in two years.

Today, a cold front was coming through and it was pouring down rain.  So much for our brief's going to be cold the next couple of days, but nothing like how it will be back home in the Binghamton, NY area.

I now own a laptop, so I am learning how to use it as I travel along.

And maybe, play a little Farmville along the way.

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