Sunday, March 21, 2010

Support Your Local Binghamton Surveymonkey

At this link, is a survey designed by Binghamton University [formerly SUNY Binghamton] graduate student.  Anyone who cares about downtown Binghamton should take this survey.

Quite frankly, if I didn't work downtown, you wouldn't catch me dead there-except maybe for First Friday.  Why?  Well, many reasons.  Fears of personal safety.  The fact that I have been panhandled, more than once (A co-worker who walks to and from work carries change for that purpose because he is asked for money-a lot).  (I was even panhandled once in the Binghamton Library, which is downtown.  It just isn't on the streets.)  And, lack of parking.  Especially, as far as shopping, lack of parking.  Also-I work downtown and I know some of the "harmless" characters but (and I hate to say it) there are people down there whose behavior can be scary, and if you aren't there every day....these people are going to make sure you don't return.

I tried to sneak in a couple of these thoughts into the survey (using politically correct language) because they sure didn't have a comment section.  Still, I wish the makers of the survey well and hope they gather the information they want.

If you feel like I do, there is a couple of boxes where you can check "other" and write something in.  Please consider writing in what you think.   When it comes down to it I do care a lot about downtown Binghamton-I spend a lot of time down there due to my job.  I don't think the "glory days" of the 50's will ever return but it would be a great thing if it could recapture some of its former glory.

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